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Alfonsina Pagano

on 20 February 2013

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Transcript of Knol


Verbal Education

Multimedia Education Edward Tufte has satirazed the totalitarian impact of presentation slideware.

Cognitive style of Power Point --> It develops a way of thinking divided in sections and sub-sections.
P.P. allows using different strategies of shaping thoughts, thanks to effects.
The human being is not able to support such a classification method of thinking. The technology of the world has affected the way we shape our thought! As Tufte says: "Power Point is a competent slide manager and projector. But rather than supplementing a presentation, it has become a substitute for it. Such misuse ignores the most important rule of speaking: respect your audience.". A little bit of Power Point's History... slideshare.net office.microsoft.com/.../powerpoint 1st version of P.P. developed in 1984 by R. Gaskins and D. Austin for Forethought Inc., California.
Originally designed for Macintosh computer and called "Presentation".
In 1987 renamed "Power Point", due to problems with trademarks, and bought by Micrisoft for $ 14 million USD. presentationpro.com Nowadays P.P. has a great impact to the public, expecially in schools and business fields. People Strategies Contents/Learnig goals space & time What could be an eLearning experience? syntopic (classroom)
other virtual spaces (internet)
outdoor activities (football, swimming, dance)
gym class Knol.google.com: "eLearning is defined as the use of new multimedia technologies and the Internet to improve the quality of learning by facilitating access to resources and services as well as remote exhanges and collaboration". (CEC 2001:2) Technology of the world: FOCUS ON...POWER POINT'S CASE as a CONTEXT as a STRATEGY So, all the contents can be easily synthesized into this acronym: I-nformation: ...access to resources and services...
C-ommunication: ...remote exhanges and collaboration...
T-echnologies: ...multimedia technologies and the Internet... HISTORY OF eLEARNING TRIANGULAR MODEL FRAMEWORK Today Learning is connected to technology...

so we talk about eLEARNING CBT (Computer Based Training/teaching)
CAI (Computer Assisted Interaction)
CAL (Computer Assited Learning) from 60thies to now ! TBDL (Technology Based Distribuited Learning)
WBT (Web Based Training/Teaching)
TEL (Technology Enhanced Learning)
CSCL (Computer Supported and Collaborative Learning) "A" acronym stands for "Assisted" that means that computer, differently from the beginning - BASED -, can help but not be a substitute of the teaching. "C" acronym stands for "Computer" and it means that, for a long time, the interaction was considered only in relation with computers, with the idea of their perfection and wisdom. UTOPIA of perfection! Apple Inc. "L" acronym stands for "Learning" and stresses the main goal and use of computer applications, nowadays. Digital Technologies allow the ODE ! In the past, examples of ODE were: San Paul's letters - 60 a.D. England's Royal Mail - 1660 Oral & Digital Education ...so we are talking about
DISTANCE LEARNING ! In Italy, the first distance communication was
SCUOLA RADIO ELETTRA Established in 1951 by a farmer, in Tuscany
Offers distance lessons of Art tecnique, English, Economy &Marketing, Fashion & Design, Informatics and Electronics
More than a million of people already trained
Offers face-to-face digital lessons & workshops In England, the first distance learning university was
THE OPEN UNIVERSITY Established in 1969 by UK Government, in United Kingdom
More than 180,000 students enrolled today
Wishes to pursue higher education on a part-time and/or distance learning basis, including disabled people, who are officially a priority group + CONSORZIO NETTUNO!
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