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Loss of Innocence in The Wars

No description

Adam Bai

on 25 April 2014

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Transcript of Loss of Innocence in The Wars

Loss of Innocence in The Wars
Event Analysis
I felt that the event that best depicted my theme was the event of Ross having to shoot the horse while on the boat. In this event the horse had broken it's leg and had to be put down by an officer. The only officer around to do the job was Robert so he had to shoot the horse. When he goes to shoot maimed animal, he does not kill it on the first shot and must fire several other times before being pulled away while still shooting. Specifically, I felt this event best depicted the theme because prior to the event, the narrator states that Robert had never "squeezed a trigger against a living creature in the whole of his life"(Findley). This event shows a loss of innocence as he had to end the life of another creature.
Question 1
Within the prologue, the author chooses to depict Robert as a strong, independent, non-innocent warrior type character by his description. With this in mind, why do you think the author chose to include this version of Robert prior to the innocent Robert Ross that we read about within the first section? Think about the highlighted theme and explain why you think the author chose to do this with specific proofs or evidence.
Question 2
The theme of the "loss of innocence" of Robert Ross within The Wars is progressed through the many traumatic events in which Robert is involved in. Using examples from the several tragic and traumatic events that occur to Robert, explain how and why innocence is lost in that specific event. Furthermore, do you think that this loss of innocence is for the better? Or for the worse? Be prepared to defend/argue/support your peers.
The Theme: Loss of Innocence
Within the novel, the theme of "Loss of Innocence" can be seen in Robert Ross' character. Over the first portion of the book, several events cause Robert's innocence to be lost. Examples of his loss of innocence include his experience at the whorehouse as well as the shooting of the horse.
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