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Six Month Review

No description

Billy Hester

on 2 October 2017

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Transcript of Six Month Review

Boards and Commissions Overhaul Completed
Staggered Elections
Springtime Street Paving
Police Substation Opened
Herb Sims Scholarship Established
Begin Process to Acquire Arson Dog
1% Sales Tax with B&O Tax Reduction
Regional Recycling Center
Four Day Garbage Collection
Overview of City Code of Ordinances

Six Month Review
July-December 2015
Note to Self:
Buck the negativity
(online and in person)
Champion the good things
Participate in the events
Volunteer to create the community you want to live in
"Volunteering is the ultimate exercise in democracy. You vote in elections once a year, but when you volunteer, you vote everyday about the kind of community you want to live it."
The Financial Picture
Revenues $5,480,384

Expenditures $5,249,817

Difference +$230,567
From the City Manager
Snapshot of City Work
Over 700,000 lights
Over 50,000 visitors
Donations up 14%
Mitchell Stadium
Clean-Up Day
Big thank you to Bluefield, Virginia and Four Seasons Recovery Center
Public Works
2,054.26 tons of asphalt
Road collapses repaired on Lawson, Franklin, and Spring Streets
269 tons of gravel for ATV Trailer Parking
New equipment purchased
Snapshot of City Work
Decorative light poles are unique and the responsibility of city - 16 repaired or rewired
Scoreboard fully operational again with steel conduit installed replacing plastic, indoor conduit previously run and 16 data boards replaced
IT Department
Online forms available for:
Bank draft application for city fees
Application for boards and commissions
myBluefield Business Directory submission
22 new computers purchased
Increased download speeds from 10 mbps to 50 mbps
All offices now on new voice over IP phone system
Human Resources
Training to ensure safe, legal work environments is paramount. Utilizing resources, like SHRM, monthly training sessions and leadership development is continually improving our workforce.
Community and Economic Development
Community and Economic Development
Grant received from AEP to build economic development website and promote new commercialization center
Police Department Stats
Building Inspection and Code Enforcement
Animal Control
Meet Titan
Bluefield Fire Department
Response Statistics
SLICE-RS method was taught
in a new training:
ocate the fire,
solate the flow path,
ool from a Safe Distance,
escue, and

Parks and Recreation
January to June 2016 Initiatives and Ongoing Projects
Holiday of Lights 5K
170 participants for the first year!
Camps and Events
Summer camp series a continued success
The inaugural Trunk-or-Treat had over 2,000 children and families! Thank you to participating "trunkers"
Lemonade Festival Criterium
Successful inaugural year with great participants, including international riders! Next year will see a series race and more improvements!
June O. Shott Field saw 60 games in the 2015 season in addition to practices and Second Chance Rocks the Two Virginias.
Replacement expected in spring 2017
In 2015 $14,014,056 of investment made through trackable project costs via permits
Bluefield Area Transit
Due to its great success, three new vehicles were purchased for Non-Emergency Medical Transport!
Congratulations Pat McKinney on being named the 2015 West Virginia Transit Director of the Year!

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