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Wave API Design Principles

No description

Pamela Fox

on 23 May 2010

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Transcript of Wave API Design Principles

Google Wave API Design Principles Concurrent Editing Multiple Modes Viewer-Specific Info Collaborative Natural Language robot.register_handler(event.DocumentChanged,
OnDocChanged, filter=":)")

def OnDocChanged(event, wavelet):
blip = event.blip
multiple users user colors & locations edit view function init() {

function switchMode(mode) {
waveMode = wave.getMode();
switch (waveMode) {
case wave.Mode.EDIT:
case wave.Mode.VIEW:
}} var viewerId = wave.getViewer().getId();
if (state.get(viewerId) == 'Yes') {
userChoice.innerHTML = "You liked this";
} my cursor bad good not natural
(bad) natural
(good) Next Steps Optional Games Multiple Participants automatic
(bad) selection-based
(good) Single Participants Installer Ease of Use Look & Feel Anatomy of a Great Extension Iconography Description Before Your Look & Feel Our Look & Feel Before After wave.ui.makeButton(link)



wave.ui.loadCSS() Intro Screen Help Screen Naming Pamela Fox May 19, 2010 View live notes and ask questions: http://bit.ly/wavey-ext Wednesday:

10:45am: "Fireside chat"

3pm: "Waving across the web"

4:15pm: "Building your own wave provider"


11:30am: "Making smart & scalable wave robots"

12:15pm: "Google Wave & the Enterprise"

4:45pm: "Surprise session"


@pamelafox About Me Wave Track @ I/O Wave @ I/O Wave UI Click 'Extensions' in Nav Panel http://code.google.com/apis/wave/submitextension.html Submit Yours! Try Others! <extension
name="Goo-gly Ver3.0.0"
description="Lets you select a URL in your wave and click the Goo-gly icon to insert a shortened URL into the wave.">
<author name="Jaken(Shoji Morimoto)"/>
<menuHook location="toolbar" text="Insert ShortenURL" iconUrl="http://goo-gly.appspot.com/assets/Goo-gly_icon_Insert.png">
<annotateSelection key="goo-gly.appspot.com/link" value="select-insert"/>
<participant id="goo-gly@appspot.com"/>
</extension> Real-time Response Gadgets Robots or... or... Wave-y-ness Google Wave Extensions Gadgets About You ? Robots Google Wave Simple Sharing Reply Anywhere Live Editing Custom Extensions Extensions Review aka Getting Started
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