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Edmodo Scavenger Hunt

No description

Megan Stamer

on 28 July 2014

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Transcript of Edmodo Scavenger Hunt

This assignment will help you understand how to use Edmodo.

You will have time in class to complete the assignments. It will also be a homework grade.

All parts are due by September 12, 2014.
The Steps & Step 1
There are several different steps in the scavenger hunt.

Each part has a badge you can earn.

Edmodo badges are little buttons that get awarded to your profile by me.

Step 1: Sign up for Edmodo.

Step 2 & 3
Step 2 is to change your account settings.

You are NOT allowed to use any personal pictures. You must create an avatar.

Click here for the Step 2 prezi.

Step 3 is to Create your profile.
Step 4, 5, 6
Steps 7 & 8
Steps 9 & 10
Steps 11 & 12
Steps 13 & 14
Step 13 is to Take a Poll

Step 14 is to Rock the Apps
Edmodo Scavenger Hunt
Ms. Stamer's Class
Step 4 is to Post a Message.

Step 5 is to Filter Posts

Step 6 is to Reply to a Post.
Step 7 is to Check out the Planner

Step 8 is to Check and Hide Notifications
Step 9 is to Turn in an Assignment

Step 10 is to Take a Quiz

Step 11 is to Check your Progress Report

Step 12 is to Manage Your Backpack

You are now an
Edmodo Master!

Your badges will be
added to your profile

Make sure that
you keep checking
for more updates.
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