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Alexander, Who Used to Be Rich Last Sunday

Money management decisions of a child.

Keshia Grey

on 7 February 2011

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Transcript of Alexander, Who Used to Be Rich Last Sunday

Meet Alexander His grandparents came to visit
and gave him one dollar. They also gave his brother
Anthony one dollar. His brother Nicky also got one dollar. His brothers joked with him about
what he should do with his money. His
parents had ideas too... Save for
college. Saving money is HARD! Alexander bought three pieces of gum on Sunday. Gum costs 5 cents a piece. BYE, BYE 15 cents! He bet on holding his breath, jumping from the stoop, and hiding a purple marble. He lost all three 5 cent bets. BYE, BYE 15 cents! Pay up! Alexander decided he would save
the rest of his money. But, he had always wanted to rent his friend's snake for an hour... BYE, BYE 12 cents! Alexander called his brothers
names his dad didn't like- ... it cost him five cents each. BYE, BYE dime! Three cents got flushed
down the toilet. And a nickel fell through
a crack. BYE, BYE 8 cents! Eating Anthony's chocolate bar
wasn't a good idea... BYE, BYE eleven cents! Alexander decided that he would absolutely save
the rest of his money. But, Nick did a magic trick that made 4 pennies disappear. BYE, BYE four cents! For kicking his brother Alexander
had to pay his father a nickel. BYE, BYE five cents! There was so much Alexander needed at the garage sale! BYE, BYE twenty cents! Alexander was absolutely
saving the rest of his money! How much money
does Alexander have left? www.clipartheaven.com www.clipartheaven.com www.clipartheaven.com www.biokids.umich.edu www.dylanscandybar.com www.arthursclipart.org www.networkmarketingtitans.com www.networkmarketingtitans.com www.networkmarketingtitans.com www.liveoakmedia.com http://blog.richmond.edu cdn.venturebeat.com www.theuncomfortable.com cdn.venturebeat.com http://dclips.fundraw.com http://newsmomsneed.marchofdimes.com www.dker.com www.pioneerclubs.org www.pioneerclubs.org
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