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Free Power?

A prezi on a fun excercise that generates energy!

Special K yle

on 17 January 2017

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Transcript of Free Power?

Free Power?
Solution 2
More Energy Sources
Solving a Problem
Second Problem
"People are using up the energy source of coal and polluting the world at the same time."
Energy Shortage
Somewhat Fun Exercise
"Kids start to enjoy playing basketball and other activities . More sports are getting in action"
The Solution!
"Fast Food places are popping up everywhere and people are over eating"
We Were Wondering?
"Wouldn't it be cool if you could charge your phone while you walked? It wouldn't pollute the air too!"
"People have come up with other means of producing energy in a cleaner way"
Well I'd rather not exercise,so the second choice?
"Runners create energy when they run on the green plates in a marathon"
"This bar creates energy when the user does passive movement"
"Many company's have already made something that tracks the amount of calories burned. Only a few things that generate energy by harvesting kinetic energy have been made."
"Drawn by Us!"
"Some dance clubs are installing SDF a fun way of exercising and generating energy"
+Fun Exercise
"Actually being developed by some companies!
(Still in progress)"
"Just where as you play sports go home and charge device!"
"They've already come up with ways of generating energy from harvesting kinetic energy and used it to power lights so, why not use it for your phone?"

Just Dance!
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