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Writing Skills

No description

Christy Lukose

on 9 September 2014

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Transcript of Writing Skills

Significance in Class
Plan Ahead
Good Grammar
Significance Outside Class
Job applications
Formal letters
Group 9
Writing Skills
Response Papers
Research papers
Writing is a "threshold skill" for employment & promotion.
An outline is a "blueprint" for your paper.
Organizes topics
Helps visualize ideas
Constructs overview of your paper
Write down ideas, suggestions, and examples that come to mind.
Consider your audience
Pace yourself
Have a time plan for writing
Use correct grammar & punctuation

Use the same verb tense throughout your writing

Avoid contractions

Avoid using abbreviations and acronyms

Keep sentences short and declarative
Avoid repeating the same sentences

Avoid unnecessary words

State information in fewer, clearer

Use the active voice
Writing clearly and directly are one of the goals to writing
Start in the middle- Skip the introduction paragraph and start on the second paragraph

Avoid Wikipedia- anyone can change the information

Proofreading- take extra time to find errors such as misspellings and mistakes in grammar and punctuation

Topic Sentences



Good writing skills can help you come across as:

more credible
more capable than others
more competent
more intelligent

Ex: Colleague who sent an email filled with typos and grammatical errors

Ex: Someone who is applying for a job, but has lots of errors on their resume
Why so important?

Expresses who you are as a person
Helps refine your ideas
Is portable and permanent
Promotes your ability to pose worthwhile questions
Is an essential job skill
Expresses who you are as a person
Helps refine your ideas
Is portable and permanent
Writing down ideas helps preserve them so you can reflect upon them later
Permits you to evaluate the adequacy of your purpose
How to Become a Better Writer....
Relax and stay positive!

Read more! It'll increase your vocabulary and your imagination.

Join a writing workshop or a writing circle.

The more you write, the easier it'll become, just like any old habit.
Writing extends beyond words on page, it's an effective communication of complex ideas!
Students must master:

proper grammar
strong reasoning
Email that Chandni sent Jennifer:
Will Jennifer hire her or not?
Evidence Supporting a Clear Argument

Much like the way a credible writer can persuade the reader, having legitimate evidence can strengthen the point one is trying to get across. Being too hasty and jumping to conclusions with little or no evidence can cause a writer to lose valuable credibility.
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