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The American War of Freedom

No description

Chyna Watson

on 27 January 2014

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Transcript of The American War of Freedom

The American War of Freedom
Suffering and Unity

Reasons of the War
Reason for starting:
The south seceded from the Union and fought to protect to slavery while the north fought to preserve the Union

Reason for lasting as long as it did:
The South wasn't backing down and other issues such as total war, and slavery started to arise.
The War
What did the war change?
The war changed the slaves lives because they were set free.It also destroyed the South's economy and way life (an effect of total war)

What didn't it change?
The Freed African Americans were treated the same way as when they were slaves.The South's way of thinking about African Americans never swayed and repressed them any way they could

America Divided
In the civil war 600,000 "paid the ultimate price of freedom"
“Two years later,Congress enacted and the states ratified and the thirteenth amendment, abolishing slavery throughout the nation.”
Th Emancipation proclamation allowed slaves to be freed in the South
It ended slavery. Which was a major issue in the country
It allowed others to know that no one could secede
Five facts of the war
People involved in the war
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