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Skittles Presentation

Fun facts about skittles

Amy Huether

on 29 April 2013

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Transcript of Skittles Presentation

Skittles Skittles were first made commercially in Britain. They came to America in 1979 and started production in 1982. Skittles were originally made under the Mars candy company that was founded by Frank C. Mars and his wife Ethel, but are now made under the Wrigley company. What Are Skittles Made Of? Skittles are made up of real fruit juice, citric acid, natural and artificial flavors, palm kernel oil, sugar, and corn syrup. There are multiple flavor options such as cherry, pink lemonade, blue raspberry, lime, lemon, grape, orange, and a lot of tropical flavors as well. There are 231 calories in a single, full sized pack of skittles. When Did They Make All the Flavors? The first Skittles package is the "Original Fruit" package. Including orange, lemon, grape, lime, and strawberry. The next new flavor packages cam out the same year, 1989 and they were the "Wild Berry" and the "Tropical" packages. In 2000, Skittles came out with "Sour Skittles", "Crazy Core" Skittles were introduced in 2009. The final existing flavor skittles is the "Fizzl'd Fruit", where the Skittle starts to bubble and fizz inside your mouth. Those are the existing flavors, but they might come up with more. By: Amy Huether Bibliography: *http://fun.yukozimo.com/facts-about-skittles/
*http://www.youtube.com How Did Skittles Come to Be? Skittle Production Where they manufacture Skittles, they make over 200,000,000 individual Skittles a day, which adds up to above 47,000 bags a day! Something else that is interesting is it takes 8 hours to put on the hard outer shell of Skittles. Talk about time consuming! Video Quiz What is the 6 flavor packages of Skittles?
How many companies have Skittles been running under?
How many hours does it take to put the outer shell on a Skittle? Answers The flavors are: Original, Wild Berry, Tropical, Sour, Crazy Core, and FIzzl'd Fruit packages.
Skittles have been running under 2 companies, Mars Candy company and the Wrigley Company.
It takes 8 hours to put the hard outer shell on a single Skittle.
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