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on 6 December 2013

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The cachacos
Cop is a geo-socio anthropological term used in some countries in Latin America, especially in Colombia.
crema de choclo
caldo de pajarilla
Tamal con chocolate
Sobrebarriga con papas chorreadas
Fresas con crema
Cuajada con melao
Postre de natas
Brevas con arequipe
Jugo de Feijoa
Sopa de Cuchuco de trigo, maiz o cebada
Peto de maíz.
Marranitos (salchicha apanada)
Fritanga bogotana
Envueltos de Mazorca
Pasteles de Yuca
Merengón (con Guanábana, Durazno, etc)

Knowing the typical dishes of Bogotá
current Status

current temperature

20 °
Chance of Rain


Center Bogota, Avenida Jimenez de Quesada and Carrera Seventh .
Bogotá has been called "The Athens of South America " , a nickname that was strengthened late nineteenth century and early XX.95 The city has a wide cultural range has increased considerably in recent decades . In it live people from around the country who have been contributing to the ancient cultural traditions typical of the city.

potato 128

The potato originated in northern Peruvian Andes , near Ecuador . The potato is a potato or tuber underground stalk thickening of certain plants of the genus of the Solanaceae . This term includes about 2000 species , most of which are poisonous because they contain toxic alkaloids . To pre-Columbian civilizations , potato, along with corn , were essential foods. Today , the potato is from the point of view cuantitavivo , after cereals , the staple food for mankind. The various features of their culture allow it to adapt to many climates and conditions.

Potato contains a high percentage of water (77%) , is an important source of starch , a complex carbohydrate ( 18 % ) , and minerals such as potassium. Its protein content (2.5% ), fiber and vitamins is scarce. Highlights include vitamins B6 and C at the time of harvest (skin ) but during storage and cooking of the food, its content is significantly reduced . On the other hand , potato or potato with yellow flesh has a higher content of pro - vitamin A than white meat . Its caloric value is not high , 80 g calories/100 but if consumed fried or stewed , can triple that value because it absorbs much of the fat is used during cooking . Ideally take them boiled or steamed or roasted in the oven with your skin because it is the way that best preserves its nutritional properties .
30 of 10
fun facts
celebrities of bogota
Andrés Cepeda (born July 7, 1973) is a popular Colombian singer and songwriter. He was born in Bogotá, the youngest of five children. He displayed an inclination towards music from an early age, studying piano since the age of 5. He composed his first piece at the age of 12.His musical career began as the lead voice of Poligamia, a latin rock-pop group which he founded with some friends during his adolescence. After Poligamia was disbanded, Cepeda continued with his musical career as a soloist, finding success in different musical genres such as bolero and Balada, among other romantic genres. His album El carpintero achieved quadruple-platinum sales in Colombia.
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