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Iggesund Academy

No description

Paul Bogatir

on 2 April 2016

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Transcript of Iggesund Academy

Iggesund Academy
Online experience
On site experience
Making existing knowledge accessible, valuable and inspirational
Easy to find for the different stakeholders
Who are the stakeholders?
a) Designers
b) Brand owners
c) Resellers' sales staff
d) Digital printers
Knowledge that creates value for stakeholders
What business decisions do they make that we can influence for their benefit?
When do they make the decisions?
To give stakeholder knowledge and leads they didn't know they were looking for
A mix between online and onsite actions?
Can Iggesund drive the conversation online and hook different stakeholders up – like a knowledge broker that is open to other peoples expertise and help build that
What do we know and what was said about the first thing we should concentrate on? What did Robert actually say?
The current structure is very disparate I think? Can we show a framework for a structure based on stakeholder needs – a good funnel?
Make Iggesund more important
To make future product releases easier?
Is Invercote more well known than Iggesund?
And coming knowledge... What is the plan to build further knowledge and how will it be sold in? Knowledge launch?
Can this be sorted according to users?
Ambassadors per stakeholder group? New ambassadors = new knowledge launch?
The structure makes me stressed! It must be very hard to work with for the new employee? What is the structure for onsite invites/workshops?
Does anyone want to know everything about paperboard? Or just the right thing at the right time? What is the customer journey like?
Jessica was supposed to...
Five main qualities comprise Iggesund's excellence. We need to build expertise around them for the different target groups:

1) Sustainability (a top priority for Iggesund and customers alike)
We should all strive to use sustainable wood fiber instead of plastic made from oil.

2) Functionality/structural qualities
For example the paperboard's stiffness and strength.

3) Visual qualities
Whiteness, colour – things that make a graphic designer tick.

4) Hygiene
Protects smell and taste of products from food processing industry (and medical industry?).

5) Packaging next for digital print
The future of digital print with variable print and the possibilities of personalization.
Rewrite the brief I jotted down:
Can we send the team a questionnaire?
To force a brief out of her and to create expectations from more than just Jessica?
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