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Killer plagues

No description

erika steinger

on 2 January 2014

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Transcript of Killer plagues

Killer plagues
killer plagues
unit eq: why are killer plagues such a threat?
Lesson Eq: what impact did your killer plague have on society?
Where was the outbreak of your killer plague?
killer plague
Complete boxes 5 and 6 on your graphic organizers. Jot down adjectives and sensory details that you will include in your paragraphs.
killer plagues
Unit EQ: Why are killer plagues such a threat?
lesson Eq: does your killer plague essay fulfill all of the criteria? Why is your killer plague such a threat?
final draft
In creating your final draft, you should work very closely with the rubric that was provided in your killer plagues packet. You MUST have:
Do Now:
You should have paragraphs 1-4 finished by now. Go through your journal to make sure that you have these paragraphs. If not, work on what you are missing. If so, take out your graphic organizer and fill in boxes 5 and 6.
Be prepared to finish these two paragraphs TODAY!
In the time after the epidemic broke out, . Impacts of (insert disease name) include .
For instance, families . Businesses . In the end, .
(insert disease name) began in . Because it is so contagious, it has now spread all the way to . The CDC estimates that the outbreak may spread as far as .
Doctors recommend that people protect themselves by . At this point, we can only pray that .
Do Now: Today we will be completing our final drafts of our killer plague essays. Take out your paragraphs and search for the following:
Underline any vocabulary word (contagious, epidemic, impact, significant, etc.)
Put a star next to any sensory details (these should be in your symptom paragraphs!!)
Circle all vivid adjectives
Double underline transition words (you should have TONS of them)
Lastly, take out the rubric in the killer plagues packet. Make sure that your essay has everything that it needs to get an A+!
6 separate paragraphs- symptoms, how it spreads, origin, containing the disease, impacts, and location
transition words, vivid adjectives, and sensory details
vocabulary words
correct spelling and grammar
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