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Awakenings versus Flowers of Algernon

Comparison and Contrast

Hugo Duplain

on 7 December 2010

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Transcript of Awakenings versus Flowers of Algernon

Awakenings vs Flowers for Algernon Work of science-fiction Based on a true story Based on the work of Oliver Sacks: neurologist who during the 1960's treated victims
of the encephatilis lethargica epidemic.
The movie bases itself on his book Awakenings. Based upon the novel of the same name written by Daniel Keyes. Two different perspectives In Awakenings, the protagonist is the doctor. The protagonist in Flowers for Algernon
is a patient. Two different goals Dr. Sayer wants his patients to live a normal life. Dr. Strauss tries to make Charlie a genius; he wants him to be more than a regular person. Similarities Experiment conducted without being sure of what will be the results. Guinea pigs = humans Main Characters The Doctors Dr. Sayer Motivated by helping others

Shows sort of altruism

The patients depend on him

Consider the existance of his patients Dr. Strauss Ambitious and self-driven

Wants to win the Nobel Price

He depends on Charlie

Says in his conference : "Charlie Gordon did not really exist before this experiment" The Patients Charlie Leonard Mentally retarded Suffers from illness They both fall in love Has support from his mother Doesn't have support from his family When they see their condition deteriorate, they both rebel After their respective experiments, Charlie and Leonard both experience temporary improvements in their quality of life.

Who do you think benefits more from these improvements? Importance of secondary characters It is because of Lucy and Algernon
that the two doctors decide to do their
experiments. What truly matters to them are the simple things of life, things that are meaningful to them.

- Charlie wants to have friends and experience love above of being intelligent

- Leonard believes that people have to remember what are the joys of life

- Leonard also wants to experience his indivuduality by such simple things as
taking a walk
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