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2644 Sound More

Aesthetics of Sound

George Franklin

on 2 November 2018

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Transcript of 2644 Sound More

What's that sound?
What do you hear?
Sound is Integral
Sound is
supplementary to the visual experience.
Sound for Video
Reflection of Reality
Hi Def Image
Technical Aspects
Literal Sound is Referential
Source-connected sound tends to be synchronous
Source-disconnected sound tends to be asynchronous
Non-literal sound
Mechanics of Sound Reproduction
Sound Examples
With Awards/Nominations

No Country for Old Men
Nominated for:
2008 Best Achievement in Sound Editing
2008 Best Achievement in Sound Mixing
1955 Oscar
SOUND RECORDING -- Todd-AO Sound Department, Fred Hynes, Sound Director
Oklahoma! 1999
All the President's Men
1976 Oscar
Sound - Arthur Piantadosi, Les Fresholtz, Dick Alexander, Jim Webb

Saving Private Ryan
1998 Oscar
Sound - Gary Rydstrom, Gary Summers, Andy Nelson, Ronald Judkins

2010 Oscar
Sound Mixing - Lora Hirschberg, Gary A. Rizzo and Ed Novick
Sound Concepts
leitmotif - a recurrent theme throughout a musical or literary composition, associated with a particular person, idea, or situation.
foreshadowing - like leitmotif, this can become
a harbinger or hint of what's to follow
reinforcement - enhancement or supportive
element to emotions and events on screen
Star Wars - Vader's March
Jaws -
Main Title
Raiders of the Lost Ark - Main Title Theme
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