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No description

Jeff Chou

on 15 February 2013

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Transcript of linkedin

Analysis Quantitative
Analysis Fundamental Analysis User Growth "LinkedIn Influencers" International Expansion Background to Linked How did it all begin? What is Linked ? Jeff Weiner's Goal Conclusion Conclusion The Strengths Development Revenue & Expenses LinkedIn & Facebook Growth Valuations Basic Fundamentals started out in co-founder Reid Hoffman's living room in 2002 Online networking site for business people. As a member, you get to:
-access people
-find jobs, news and updates
-grow your business
-gain free publicity
-expand your networks site officially launched on May 5, 2003 with a total of 4 500 members filed to make its stock public on January 2011 under the NYSE symbol "LNKD" Now over 200 million members in 200 countries and territories with a stock price of $161 "LinkedIn should be a site that if you don't visit every day, you'll feel you're not doing your job." -CEO of LNKD Connect people who already know each other to create a network based on "trusted relationships" As of February 13,
13 Analysts rate LinkedIn a buy,
0 rate it a sell
14 rate it a hold World Standard for Professional Networking - most top people available there!

200+ million profiles and great search engine on top of it.

Provides Best quality candidates

Good for recruiting managerial and above positions.

Easy to approach using message/InMail

Limitation of 50 groups ensures that they are not abused and hence more real than Google or Yahoo groups.

New search feature on Updates helps discover things from your connections. as of 2013, they have more than 200 million registered in more than 200 countries and territories

2 new users added every second

has 155 million unique visitors

25th most visited site

27% of visitors access using smartphone or tablet

introduced news feed advertisements

this type of advertising is less intrusive and more cohesive expanded overseas

majority of its members are based

international markets doubled to $114.6

accounts for 38% of the revenue

aggressively pursued growing job markets

e.g Hong Kong and brazil website was redesigned in July

streamlined profile pages and added a blogging platform

which features entries from high profile members

e.g Barack Obama and sir Richard Branson

this blogging is a nod to twitters success

page view across the site rose 70% due to the site renovation Revenue Expenses revenues coming from member subscriptions, advertising sales, and talent solutions. Income Statements! looks relatively health

both social network profit margins are quite slim

lack of debt is encouraging fb looks more poised for growth
due to its stock being more fundamentally undervalued
both companies have shown a healthy convergence of share price with P/E ratios
LinkedIn trades at 800 times trailing earnings
despite LinkedIn's high price and volatile movements
market has a better grasp of it true value and is weighing it accordingly So What do we suggest? With Stable Fundamentals
feverish p/e can reconcile with its rapid growth
dominating a strong niche
due to successfully blending job search engine with social media
oversea expansion into emerging markets is very encouraging
everything above makes it a strong long term investment
So, BUY and HOLD! Predicted Price within the next 6 months: $180.00
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