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North Korea

North Korea Geography Project Troy Hu, Eric Brecklin

Ian Moone

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of North Korea

North Korea Capital Location Currency Language Religions Population GDP Per Capita Economic Resources Map Coal
iron ore
Precious metals
$1,900 23,858,295 people Korean North Korea's Religions are: Buddhism
Korean Shamanism Won Pyongyang
Coordinates: 39.0194 N, 125.7547 E Prezi Of North Korea By:
Eric Brecklin
Troy Hu Transportation Aircraft Car Train Random Statistic Imports 57% of Products From China Random Statistic External Debt 12.5 Billion Random Statistic Won per U.S. Dollar is 3,630 Won to $1 U.S. Dollar Sources: CIA.Gov Flags.Net Images.Google.Com Asia Bicycle The End Continent
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