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LGBTQ+ Advisory Lesson

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Maya Kassab

on 12 November 2015

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Transcript of LGBTQ+ Advisory Lesson

Goals of our presentation:
Briefly inform you about the LGBTQ+ acronym and other relevant information.
Inform you about the bullying of the LGBTQ+ population.
View informative video
Participate in discussion questions
What do all of those letters even mean? Let's break it all down for you.
lgbtq+ at a glance
LGBTQ stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, or questioning.

Other terms to know
Sexual orientation — gay, lesbian, bisexual — describes which gender identities you’re attracted to.
Gender identity is the way you feel about and express your gender (male, female, both, neither)
homophobia and bullying at a glance
Homophobia is fear or hatred of people who are or are thought to be lesbian, gay, or bisexual (LGB).
Transphobia is fear or hatred of people who are trans or who don’t look the way some people think males and females should look.
Homophobia and transphobia can lead to bullying.
Before we begin...
LGBTQ+ Advisory Lesson
We would like to acknowledge
Ms. Gregory and her School Climate Advisory crew for all of their hard work in creating this valuable lesson, so that all students at West can feel valued, accepted, and safe. Thank you!
The purpose of this specific lesson is to:
provide students with an understanding of the damage that bullying can cause to LGBTQ+ students.
to provide all students with opportunities to combat bullying and with information on how and where to find support.

why are we including this in our advisory lessons?
The purpose of this lesson is anti-bullying and creating a warmer school climate. The topic is not a debate on religious or political views. Please keep all discussion related to the topic of anti-bullying and an inclusive environment for ALL. Let's all rise to the challenge of helping everyone navigate our changing social environment.

While watching the video, look for:

What are some of the ways LGBTQ+ students are being bullied at school?
What are some emotions displayed in the second video?
What are some examples that Anderson Cooper gave about how the word “gay” was used?

first activity - video
Please discuss these questions:

How is the word “Gay” commonly misused?
What do you understand about the school experience of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender students?
How might it be different from the experiences of straight students? How might their experiences be similar?
What are some things that you personally could do to make the school climate better for LGBTQ+ students?
How could the things you identified for the previous questions make school climate better for ALL students?

After showing the video:

Share your responses to the questions with a partner.
Please - only mature and positive conversation. We will NOT tolerate any slurs or jokes at this time.

Post video Sharing out
In pairs or small groups, write responses
and discuss to the following question:

Written response
What can students do to stand up against
anti-gay bullying in the form of words or
actions used directly towards someone
or just in passing?

If you or someone you know would like to do more, join the Gay Straight Alliance. It is open to all students. The GSA meets Tuesday mornings at 7:30 in room A209.
to wrap up the lesson
please mention:
finally - project and share
Advice on standing up to bullying:

1. Know that everyone has the right
to feel safe.

2. Respond to anti-LGBT language and behavior. When you hear homophobic comments and jokes, even when not directed at a specific individual, let the person(s) making the comments know you find them offensive. This includes inappropriate use of the word “gay.” This word means “homosexual” or “happy.” It does NOT mean “stupid” or anything negative. Stop using it that way and stop others from using it that way too. It is hurtful.

3. If you see anti-LGBT bullying, let the perpetrator know his or her behavior is wrong and harmful. If you do not feel safe intervening, alert a teacher or administrator immediately.
4. Respect and try to use the pronouns (he, she, they) that individuals ask you to use in reference to themselves.

5. If you know someone has experienced anti-LGBT bullying, let them know you are on their side and make an effort to spend time with the person at school.

6. Know that ALL people, regardless of sexual orientation and gender identity, should be treated with dignity and respect. It is a part of the Traverse City West Senior High School guidelines and rules.

What will YOU do personally
to stand up to anti-gay
Video viewing
Please watch this video:
This topic is important because in a school-wide survey, 44.6 percent (ALMOST HALF) of students reported that our LGBTQ+ student population is the most bullied population within West Senior High School.
Since the opening of West Senior High in 1997, students and staff have abided by our School Standards. The first School Standard is, “We will treat all people with dignity, honesty, respect and trust.”
18 years later this is still the foundation of the school climate at West.
Background information
This year, the school climate advisory lessons are created for YOU by WEST SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS who chose to be a part of the planning advisory. The topics of choice for the lessons are in direct response to results from the school-wide survey in which YOU, the STUDENTS, reported out on bullied populations and wishes for lesson topics.
Some of the West Senior High Survey results include the following:
The groups of students reported to be the receivers of the most bullying or exclusion were reported as follows:
Overweight students - 48.7%
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Q+ students - 44.6%
Special Needs Students - 32.3%
Racial Minorities - 15%

The top requested topic for coverage in advisory, with 53.9%, was stress and anxiety.

Our response? We will cover them ALL! This year’s School Climate Advisory topics will cover: body image, LGBTQ+, Special Needs Students, Racial Minorities, Stress/Anxiety, and more!

School climate advisory topics
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