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Andrew Young Jr. was an activist for the Civil Rights Moveme

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Mr. Parke

on 17 March 2016

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Transcript of Andrew Young Jr. was an activist for the Civil Rights Moveme

Andrew Young Jr.
Maryam Yakout
Andrew's Life
Young is amazing civil rights activist,he is still continuing to bring justice. I think that Andrew Young is amazing person that will do anything to stop racism. He has done many things that helps people and he still does to help them.
Civil Rights Act
While working as a pastor in Georgia,Young was first part of the Civil Rights Movement,because he organized voter registration drives. Later in life he moved to NYC to go work with the NCC,later he returned to Georgia in 1961, and helped lead the ''citizenship schools'' that helped tutored African American's in literacy, organizing, and leadership skills.
Even though the schools were a success, Young would sometimes had trouble connecting or bounding with the rural students in the program. As the SCLC was running the program,Young became part of the SCLC,and strarted to work closely with MLK.
Andrew Young Jr. was an activist for the Civil Rights Movement. He became a member of Congress, mayor of Atlanta, and U.S. ambassador to the United Nations.
''Youngs" early life
On March 12, 1932, Andrew Jackson Young Jr. was born in New Orleans, Louisiana. His family was a middle-class family—his father was a dentist, his mother a teacher—he had to travel from his neighborhood to attend segregated schools. After graduating from Howard University, Young picked to studied at Connecticut's Hartford Theological Seminary. In 1955, he became an ordained minister.

The March
In the years being the SCLC,Young coordinated desegregation efforts throughout all the South, even including May 3rd 1963 march against segregation during it people were attacked by police dogs and fire hoses. King valued Young's work, King always did trust Young of overseeing the SCLC when protest meant King to go to jail.
Kings Assassination
In 1964,Young became SCLC's executive director. While he was this position he help bring up the Civil Rights Acts of 1964 and the Voting Rights of 1965.He was with MLK in Memphis,Tennessee,April 4,1968, the day of Kings assassination. In the following of Kings death,Young became executive vice president of SCLC.
Leaving the SCLC
In 1970, Young left the SCLC to go run for Congress. Two years later, he ran again, and he was elected to the House of Representatives. Young became the first African American to represent Georgia in Congress since Reconstruction. While in the time as a legislator, he supported programs for the poor, educational initiatives, and human rights.
Jeans Child Young was his wife,but she died in 1994.(1954-1994).She died from cancer.
Young married a women named Carolyn Young.
Young has children named Andrea,Lisa,Paula, and Andrew the 3rd
(Andrea in the middle)
Leaving Congress
During Jimmy Carter's run for presidency, Young was given key political support; when Carter was in office, he picked Young to be U.S. ambassador of the U.S. Young had to leave his seat in Congress to be in this position. While being ambassador he advocated for human rights on a global scale. For example sanctions to oppose by a policy in South Africa.
A Secret
In 1979,Young had to resign his ambassadorship, because he met in a secret with Zehdi Labib Terzi, the Palestinian Liberation Organization's U.N. observer. The resignation didn't keep Young from being chosen (elected)as Atlanta's mayor in 1981. After two terms as mayor,he failed his mission to protect the Democratic nomination to run as the governor of Georgia.Although, Young was successful in his campaign for Atlanta to hold the Olympics in 1996.
Young wrote about his part in the fight for civil rights in two books: :
A Way Out of No Way
(1994) and
An Easy Burden: The Civil Rights Movement and the Transformation of America
(1996).He has also written
Walk in My Shoes: Conversations Between a Civil Rights Legend and His Godson on the Journey Ahead
(2010). He still fights for justice with a consulting firm ,Good Works International, that supports development initiatives, particularly in Africa and the Caribbean.
As a(n) amazing civil rights activist, Young has won the Presidential Medal of Freedom and the National Association for the Advancement Colored People's Springarn Medal.Morehouse College named the Andrew Young Center for Global Leadership in his honor, and Young has teach at Georgia State University's Andrew Young School of Policy Studies.
Andrew Young Jr.
Andrew Young:Interview about MLK's Assassination
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