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Is water a renewable or non renewable?

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gabrielle mCculloch

on 16 April 2014

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Transcript of Is water a renewable or non renewable?

Why water may be considered a renewable resource!
Why water may be considered a non renewable resource!
Our group believes that water is........
The answer is
we can! This process is called
. This is a process that removes dissolved minerals from sea water. This process is a very important thing to know how to do because only 3% of the worlds water is fresh and only 1% is available to humans to use and drink, the other 2% of the fresh water is frozen in ice capes or glaciers!
Is water a renewable or non renewable resource?
Water should be classified as a renewable resource if you are thinking short term, like in the next 1 to 1 million years or so. We think this way because we can filter our water. When we can filter water we believe that it is a

However thinking that water is a renewable resource may not be correct.
Water should be classified as a
non renewable resource

if you are considering eternity. This is because even though
of the world is water only about
is fresh water, I'm sure that we can find a way to filter salt water into fresh drinking water. Even then with all the water that is being polluted daily water may get to the point where we can't filter it to be safe to drink or use!

Can we filter salt water to be safe useable/drinkable water?
Our group is one of the groups that is in the middle!
This concludes our presentation!
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