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Characterization in "The Maze Runner": Multimedia Essay

No description

Lux Lux

on 15 August 2014

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Transcript of Characterization in "The Maze Runner": Multimedia Essay

Supporting Argument #2: Selflessness
The Storyline
Supporting Argument #1: Bravery
In conclusion, despite the obvious physical use of the maze, James Dashner utilizes it to show the true personality traits of some of the main characters. He does so by forcing them to perform extremely courageous acts, make life-threatening sacrifices and use their intuition to make smart decisions.
Supporting Argument #3- Intelligence
The Gladers draw out maps by hand, to keep track of the changing walls in the maze.
The Glade
What would you do, if you woke up in a strange place, surrounded by a group of boys your age, knowing nothing but your name?
How is this bravery?
How is this Selfless?
-Alby gives up his life in order to let his fellow Gladers escape

The leader of the Gladers, Alby, runs into the Grievers as a distraction.
Characterization in "The Maze Runner": Multimedia Essay
By: Luxmhina L.
That's what happens to the main character, Thomas. He learns that he is inside a maze and in order to survive and escape, he will have to work together with a group of unknown kids.
Key Terms!
As if that isn't bad enough, Thomas soon learns that the doors to the maze close every night. As the doors close, poisonous mechanical monsters start to patrol through the maze. Anyone who doesn't make it back to the "safe zone" before nightfall, is as good as dead.
: The boys that are inside the maze
The Glade
: The "safezone" and living quarters of the boys
: These half machine, half slime creatures have stingers that contains a poison which only a special serum can counteract.
Maze Runner
: One of the jobs in the Glade. Maze Runners run through the maze every morning, looking for clues that can help them escape. (It is a job that is often avoided since most of the Gladers don't want to risk running into a Griever or not making it back on time).
Thesis: The maze is used to characterize the boys in the Glade, by forcing them to display bravery, selflessness and intelligence.
after entering The Glade, Thomas volunteers to become a Maze Runner
-Thomas is
to risk his life
-He JUST entered the Glade (no experience, no background knowledge)
-Thomas has no memory of the past (lack of survival knowledge)
Regardless of his unfamiliarity with the people and the environment, Thomas
to become a maze runner
Saving an Injured Boy
Thomas sees that one of the Maze Runners have been injured and won't make it back in time, before the walls close for the night. Without hesitating, he runs out into the maze to help him.
How is this bravery?
-He risks his life to save someone that he's only known for a few days
-He breaks one of the major rules, which is "Don't step out of the Glade, unless you're a maze runner" (which he isn't at the time of the event)
-He goes to help the injured boy, knowing that no one has ever survived a night in the maze
Refer to this video
As you can see, Thomas enters the maze that night, knowing of the consequences that lie ahead.
The fact that he enters aware of the Grievers, illustrates how brave he truly is.
Minho shows bravery by being the Keeper of the Runners
How is this bravery?
-Minho takes responsibility of the most
dangerous job in the Glade
-He makes himself accountable for any
mistakes, deaths or injuries that occur
-He shows great leadership in an extremely
difficult and frustrating time
-Minho doesn't let his own desperation and
emotion get in the way of his duty
-Minho watches many of his friends get
hurt/killed by Grievers but doesn't let
grief get the best of him
-He goes out into the maze every morning
for two years and doesn't get discouraged
by the lack of clues
"Minho is a sometimes brash but dependable leader. As Keeper of the Runners, he is charged with overseeing the daily searching and mapping of the Maze, a dangerous task." ("The Maze Runner Characters" n.p.)
Thomas gets stung by a Griever on purpose.
How is this Selfless?
Thomas risks his own life to help his friends
-Endures extreme pain
-Accepts the possibility of going insane, like some of the previous kids that got stung

"'I did it on the chance that I could get my memories back, help all of us get out of here.'" (Dashner 174)
When Gally throws a knife at Thomas, Chuck jumps in front of it.
How is this selfless?
-Chuck could have easily watched Thomas die, but he decided that it was his duty to save his friend
-Chuck gives up his life for Thomas
-He sacrifices his life right when he is about to escape the maze (which is an immensely selfless act because he had been so excited to see his family)
"'We always have at least eight Runners, including the Keeper. One for each Section. It takes us a whole day to map out our area—hoping against hope there’s an exit—then we come back and draw it up, a separate page for each day.'" (Dashner 118)
How does this show intelligence?
-The Gladers have a clear system
-Shows how observant they are of the changes
-By tracking the walls, they figure out the code that helps them escape
Thomas tricks a Griever into crashing into a wall by running at it and diving at the last second, so that it has too much momentum to stop.
How does this show intelligence?
-Thomas uses his own background knowledge about Grievers and his understanding of the monsters
-Uses past experiences to help him escape the monster
-Quick-thinking allows him to perform this clever maneuver

Thomas shows intellect when he saves his unconscious friend. While he is trapped in the maze, he uses vines to tie Alby off the ground.
How does this show intelligence?
-Thomas uses quick thinking
-Prevents his friend from being taken away and killed by the monsters.
-He uses the resources around him
-Doesn't let the unfamiliarity of being in the maze for the first time slow him down
-Acts intuitively
You've escaped the Maze!
Thank you for Watching!
Now think to yourself. If you were Thomas, Minho, Alby or Chuck, do you think you would have made the same decisions?
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