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Junior Advisement- Day 2

No description

Koni Withers

on 17 September 2014

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Transcript of Junior Advisement- Day 2

So many choices.....
Careers, Colleges, Scholarships and Financial Aid

Junior Advisement- 2014-2015
Review Junior Timeline
College Research and Comparison
Options: University, Community College,
Trade School, Military
Where to find Financial Aid information
How to sign up for a college visit
Where to search for scholarships
Where to sign up for SAT/ACT tests
Placement tests needed for Community College
Where you find NCAA information
Where to study for the SAT/ACT for free?
Meet with counselors!
College Search
Colleges I'm Thinking About
College Compare
Upcoming College Visits
Scholarship List
College Tab
You got some things to do.....

Junior Year Timeline
- Begin College selection process
- Attend college visits, fairs and financial aid events.
- Athlete? Make sure you are meeting NCAA requirements.
-Register for the October PSAT (May qualify you for the National Merit Scholarship). Test will be given October 15th
- Maintain record of activities in FC under resume.
- Take the ASVAB September 30th.
-Attend the NACAC college fair September 28th.
August - October
- Watch your grades!
-Attend Financial Aid Night- December 11th
- You should get PSAT scores. Study them and use the information to prepare for SAT.
- Decide and plan what test you want to take, the ACT or SAT. Find out when the test dates are and write the registration date in your planner.
November - December
-When planning your senior courses, pick academically rigorous classes!
-Begin preliminary college lists you would like to investigate further.
- Register for the SAT or ACT through College Board/ACT website.
-Sign up and join a college visit, go visit a college on your list.
January, February and March

- Apply for summer jobs
- Keep building the college list.
- Add to your resume.
- Consider volunteer work over the summer.
- Take the SAT or ACT.
- Visit colleges, take tours and interview people with
careers you have interest in.
April, May and all summer....
In State Colleges
University Entrance Exams
Visit the recruiters
16 core credits:
University Entrance Requirements
+ English (4 credits)
+ Math (4 credits through Pre-Calc or Topics of College Algebra)
+ Science (3 different lab sciences)
+ Social Studies (American History + 1 more)
+World Language (2 credits- same language)
+ Fine Art (1 credit)
3.0 GPA over 16 core
2.0 individual core areas
Top 25% of class (75th percentile)
ACT score of 22 (writing not needed)
SAT score of 1040 (NOT including writing)
And any ONE of the following:
1 of the largest highest education system in the world.
10 colleges and 2 skills centers.
1000 programs and degrees.
Smooth articulation with universities for transfer.
Many great careers without ever needing to transfer to University.
Maricopa County Community Colleges
High school diploma
Admission Requirements
18 years or older
Placement Tests called Accuplacer
Can qualify you for scholarship!
You DO NOT need to take SAT or ACT
Less Expensive- About 1/3 the cost of in-state college
Other Colleges in Arizona
NCAA Information
Take the ASVAB test
Page 3
Page 17
Method Test Prep!!!!!
-Meet with your counselor to review courses and
make sure you have enough credits.
Do you know what career is best suited for you?
YES- The College Tab is best for you

N0- Back to the career tab!

So now what?
- Fill out your credit check form. Do you
have everything you need?
- Login to Family Connection
Must use "other" password.
-Write an academic and attendance goal.
- Complete tasks
- Take Junior Advisement Pre-test
-Listen for your name to be called by
your counselor.
* Bring transcript.
* Bring credit check form.
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