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Copy of Proper Etiquette For A Business Luncheon

No description

Maddie Baird

on 13 November 2012

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Transcript of Copy of Proper Etiquette For A Business Luncheon

Hayley, Judy, and Maddie Proper Etiquette For A Business Luncheon - Dress for success
- Skirts to the knees or below
- No cleavage!
- no midriff
- cover up your tattoos Womens Business Attire - Don't order messy food
-No Alcohol!
(possibly wine)
- No garlic!
- Avoid chewing with your mouth open The Menu No foul language
Make eye contact Manners How to use silverware the salad fork Entree fork butter knife soup spoon coffee spoon - Wear a nice tie
- Wear nice black pants
- Do NOT shower in your cologne
- Again, cover ALL tattoos
- Wear dress shoes and not sneakers. Mens attire -No burping
-Do not pick your teeth
-Do not blow your nose
-No elbows on table
-Keep knees touching.... please Table manners Turn off cellphones prior to the luncheon Chew with your mouth closed
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