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Josh Critchley's ICT

an epic explanation!

Joshua Critchley

on 25 April 2016

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Transcript of Josh Critchley's ICT

Josh Critchley's Favourite ICT Stuff :)
Josh Critchley's ICT
My Career Ideas and things I want to Learn

I like:
Videos & YouTube
Google - for finding stuff
Python Programming
chäräct£r mäp (lol)
I like:
mario cart wii
sonic heroes
sonic generations
Videos & Youtube
I like:
lord of the rings
harry potter
despicable me

youtubers I like:
I like videos and I want to learn how to make one and upload it to youtube to show my friends and family.
I like looking up Pikachu
I like about google:
Images and Wallpapers
Lego -I like to make random things which come into my head - recently I made a strange floatey car thing.
I like all kinds of animations:
league of super evil
screw the nether
how do I craft this agen?
screw the nether:

Is one of my favourite animations!
it's made by a video artist called
(or Ciaran) his work is also available at:

I looked up his animatio video on youtube and I found out is is made using Adobe Flash.

So then I looked up Adobe Flash Totorials to see actually how it is made.

I found out there are lot's of different ways of making animatoonsh but thay all use one of two tecnecs caled frame by frame the other is motion tweening.
Frame By Frame
Frame by Frame is where you use a picture on another picture to create the illusion of movement.
Motion Tween
How to get the best resolts for your animation by using both techniques together in harmony look!
This is when you use the compter to moov objects arond on the screen, insted of droing evory pictcher your self!

So it is much quicker to make a video, but - it doesn't look as good...
Python programing
python is a text baste program and in my opinion is easy but is's achly qwite hard... how cume? Well the maine stuff is:
Python is used across many application domains. Here's a sampling.
The Python Package Index hosts thousands of third party modules for Python.
chäräct£r mäp
the titel seas caricter map but it shose what it's about. so pokemon I don't have it speld corectley but with caricter map I can and it's speld: pokémon open it then look for what you whant clic twice pres copy (don't go ctrl c) and then pace where you whant (ctrl v) next how to get to it up:
pictures... there are two kinds of them bitmaps and vectors... both are made on the computer, but...and here's the bit you need to know: bitmaps are basically a list of coordinates - and the colour of each square - but vectors are when the computer actually draws a curve instead...
good don't you agree?
compare the two black and white
This is how you get super smooth graphics in computer games - Like Sonic
Vector Graphics:
Bitmap Graphics:
Speech Technology
This is an amazing cool program which let's you talk into a computer and turns your words into text in a document - so you speak and type without touching the keyboard.
nintendo 3DS XL & 3DS
the ninteno 3ds is a 3d making mashen which is good because you can tern up & down the 3d on 3ds games so there are "endles posabilatys" :) sonic unleshed qwote/song and sonic generations for the 3ds has a sonic song for evory game excluding sonic genoraions main menu songs so lots of 3d grafics in a gameing world of fun!!!
I made this all by myself on the computer and it was fun!

Plus it was made on Paint so I hope you will like my bitmap graphics.
I like messing with sound and sound effects, I use a program called Adobe SoundBooth
SoundBooth lets
you put all your little recordings together and make them fit together.
This is called editing.
things I like to do in my spere time
play video games
wach youtube
go on my xbox 360°
play on my brother's wii (my one is in switserland)
wach tv
swiming (when I can)
rock climing (when I can)
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