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on 17 April 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

INCATROM, S. A DE C. V. HISTORY Mr. Ignacio Flores Vargas and Mr. Crescencio Calderon Galaviz, started a corporation with variable capital in 1998 called FATROMEX, SA DE CV, in Villa de Pozos, S. L. P. Starting as a small workshop and counting only two machines, a lathe and a milling machine.
In 2004 they decided to expand to form a company called ICORMAQ, SA DE CV Villa de Pozos, S.L.P. and finally, so to suit their interests, in 2007 withdrew from society and gives rise to above INCATROM, SA DE CV, being Mr. Crescencio Calderón Galaviz, owner and legal representative INCATROM, SA DE CV Located in the street on February 24 No. 1035, Col. San Francisco of Wells, Wells Villa, SLP MISSION Sustainable solutions to the global transportation industry.
Provide structures that help our customers to move the world more efficiently, protecting the environment and ensuring the long-term generation of economic and social value for our various stakeholders. VISION To be the best overall choice of dies and machining.
ofreser our customers innovative solutions focused on product and process technologies, safe and sustainable, exceeding the quality and service at a competitive cost. PRINCIPLES * Respect for people
* Honesty and integrity
* Reliability * Attitude of service
* Fighting spirit
* Innovation
* Continuous improvement
* Teamwork
* Austerity
* Social responsibility STRATEGIES * Provide their products through fairs where disclosed to customers, good image and service offered by our products.
* Increase in U.S. exports U. plans and Canada by foreign market penetration.
* Open a new branch in the state of Jalisco and one in Monterrey, taking into account that are strategic to use courier services to transport and distribution.
* Install systems containing technology to achieve certification. VALUES PURPOSES * Detect threats and react in time.
* Identify opportunities and turn them into competitive advantages.
* Paying taxes to the government just committed to us, to help develop the country.
* Caring for the environment because we are responsible for what we want and give back to the community and a place better than you receive. ORGANIZATION CHART SOURCES OF FUNDING Savings that Mr. Calderón Crescencio Galaviz, a result of working for several years in a company of prints called "Mechanics Gomez" in which acquired expertise in designing, die manufacturing and machining of metal parts. ACHIEVEMENTS In 2012 due to the prosperity and demand that has been in their field has created a new building to meet the needs of its customers in a timely manner.

Workshops have been equipped with new technology tools in order to develop new products. MAIN OBSTACLES. • Due to the separation of the partners and the creation of a new company by one of them, the two companies now compete machined market.

• Established four years ago near INCATROM a new company in the same industry called GAFI. SHORT TERM PLANS
-Expand customer base.Obtain ISO: 9000Extensive .
-Its market share by 28% +.

-Increase sales by 20% over a period of two years.
-Establish two branches in the states of Nuevo Leon and Jalisco.
-Having greater market penetration outside. WAGES AND SCHOOLING Position:

quartermaster Salary:

1.500 Level of Schooling:

Career Technical
Career Technical
Career Technical
Career Technical
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