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Karma Kitchen Community Profiles

No description

Aparna Kothary

on 1 July 2010

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Transcript of Karma Kitchen Community Profiles

Meet the Karma Kitchen DC Community
John Chambers Describe Karma Kitchen in one word.......

"My most memorable moment happened last September on Adams Morgan Day. There was a big event at Bloombars on Saturday night. We gathered performers and friends to introduce them to the love at Karma Kitchen. We were so moved by the meal and the environment, Shane W. Evans, who was visiting from Kansas City, offered to play a song he recently wrote on top of a mountain in Botswana. It was a song that would be the perfect serenade for our new family at Karma. (see video). Especially since the group was mostly musicians from all over the country. This was the first time they had all come together and performed. The first time I heard the song “Seeing”, I cried. So to hear the song sung by all of these people who I admired and to see all of you moved by it, is a memory I will keep with me for the rest of my life. And then of course, to see how we paid it forward….you just have to see that video!"

"The people I meet - the volunteers and the people who are experiencing it. You find something that is missing in our everyday lives, that's missing in society and that is these ideas, these values, that we need to move from transaction to trust and from isolation to community. To be able to be reminded of that in such a setting where the gift is unconditional feels like home."

What is it about Karma Kitchen that keeps you coming back? What is your most memorable moment at Karma Kitchen? What do you do when you are not at Karma Kitchen? "I am a gardener of the arts (at BloomBars) I feel like I am nurturing and seeding artists and allowing them space to grow. BloomBars aims to foster a sense of community by providing a place for people of diverse backgrounds to come together and connect through music, film, theater, poetry, dance, storytelling, and other arts in a family-friendly setting. BloomBars isn’t a bar, it’s a place to nurture and support artists who are committed to serving the community. It’s a bridge to connect the arts community and the nonprofit community." What is your hope for Karma Kitchen? At its core, Karma Kitchen is a weekly reminder of the power we have to shift our perspectives and behavior through generosity and gratitude. I envision the day when Karma Kitchen’s doors are open every day of the week. I can picture weekday lunches where the community tables are filled with people who don’t typically engage with each other. In a place like DC, where decisions are made that impact billions, that means something. Like BloomBars, Karma Kitchen serves the community with its whole heart…and love is a great catalyst for change. What is your favoriite dish at Karma Kitchen? "MANGO LASSI!! My record is seven (but Vinay says it’s 10) and I havent broken it yet." "LOVE"
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