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Nursing program tablets

No description

Sanjog Kattel

on 9 May 2013

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Transcript of Nursing program tablets

Tablet technology Keeping our nursing program competitive Medical Field Student Experience NCC tablet system Integration Cost? The Challenge Mobile Advancements Nursing Program Nursing Jobs Training of existing professionals to new technology
Integrating technology into medical schools
Creating proficient and flexible graduates
Training Medical Professionals who use tablet technology to enhance patient care
NOT train Medical Professionals who are so reliant on tablets that they cannot interact with patients on a personal level Student applies and is accepted into NCC's Nursing Program
Student owns this tablet. They are responsible for content, troubleshooting, security
Nursing students attend training session prior to first day of class - receive tablet
Professors will need to choose text books that are in compatible eBook format Nursing classes will utilize interactive tablet technology
Apple provides iPad education training to professors
Clinicals will instruct students on appropriate Tablet/Patient interaction
Students will be encouraged to supplement classroom exercises with Apps, iTunes U, Interactive Activities Tablets belong to the students
Tablets become a part of the required fee structure of the program - no financial surprises
NCC will purchase Tablets from chosen supplier in bulk - 10 iPads, unloaded, range $3,790-$7,790
Tablet will be added to student's first semester bill
Students can apply for a payment plan or have their tablet subsidized by the school Tablets in the medical field are becoming as common place as the white lab coats According to Bureau of Labor Statistics: Nursing-related jobs will grow by 26% by 2020
Aging Baby-Boomers will require more positions in long term care
Advancements in medicine makes more conditions treatable Electronic records
Constant access to information
Less invasive surgeries
Rural connection to patients
Monitoring patient vitals wirelessly
Approved Healthcare apps for self care How do Medical Programs keep up? Requirements for Admission include: Completion of 32 credits general education
NLN Pre-admission Exam with a score of 110 Post Graduation 84-89% of students are employed in a Nursing-related field within a year of graduating
59% of all NCC graduates pursue further education NCLEX-RN exam
Hospitals, Clinics
Long Term Care Facilities
In Home Care MANE Program
NCC is a feeder school into University of Minnesota, University of St. Thomas, Hamline University, Minnesota State University-Mankato Why the Nursing Program? Benefits for Students Save money
Lighter loads - 1.5 lbs
iTunes U, Interactive textbooks, Podcasts, Medical Apps
Higher collaboration between student and professor
Integrating technology with "bedside manner" during clinicals
Better communication between physician and patient Integrating Tablet Technology Pilot iPad Medical Programs MedCity News reported in 2012:
25% US Medical Schools require iPads
Oklahoma State - iPad ebooks vs Printed Textbooks
Students saved the cost of the iPad in 2 semesters
Yale University - loaded iPads vs Printed Course Materials
Yale paid for iPads plus some in savings
UC Irvine - iMedEd program vs Traditional Medical School
iMedEd students performed 23% higher on National Board Exams
Chosen as 2013's "Apple Distinguished Program" MOTION (a PC company designing "professional tablets") claims:
"88% of health systems have implemented or plan to implement point-of-care data collection and retrieval devices and electronic transfer of diagnostic images within the next 2 years." Kate Anderson: Director of NCC's Nursing Program:
Students already use NCC provided iPads during their Nursing Simulation lab
iPads are already popular with nursing students 2013-2014 implementation of MANE
Minnesota Alliance of Nursing Curriculum - standard across MN Colleges and Universities
Transfer to a Bachelor Degree will be seamless Interactive Medical Apps Interactive Textbook Creating Equal Opportunity UC Irvine Medical Students Imbeded videos, quizzes, interactive diagrams, notecards Goals
Create technologically proficient nursing graduates
Create a competitive, tablet integrated, nursing program
Create equal opportunity by requiring/subsidizing tablets Textbooks vs eBooks
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