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How Do They Make... Lipstick

No description

Stephanie Jin

on 15 October 2012

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Transcript of How Do They Make... Lipstick

How do they make Lipstick ........... Resources: Agriculture, Energy and Fuel, Fishing and Trapping Raw Materials:
Ingredients: Waxes, oils, fats, emollients, pigments, beeswax, paraffin, alcohol
Supplies: stainless steel/ceramic containers -Physical Labour can be automated or done manually.
-Also requires designers, advertisers, chemists, promoters. Factors of Production Factors of Production Factors of Production Capital is in liquid form
(cash, accounts receivable) Factors of Production Information:
Companies may conduct surveys and look at latest trends in colours, finishes etc. Production Process Purchasing:
Companies will purchase the ingredients required from suppliers. Production Process 1.Materials are melted and mixed. Solvents first, then oils, and then fats and waxes 2.Solvents and oils are mixed with pigments and then mixed with hot wax 3.Mixture is cooled and molded into shape 4.Lipstick is then labeled and packaged Processing: Quality Control Product must meet FDA standards. Heat test is conducted to make sure that the lipstick doesn’t melt, drip, or distort at 54 degrees. Rupture test- lipstick is pressed for 30second intervals many times until it breaks. The pressure it breaks at must meet manufacturer standards. Grading Lipsticks are not graded.
Higher end companies may have better ingredients that those at drugstores. Production Process Improving Productivity New technologies such as automatons make lipsticks at a faster and more accurate rate. Improving Productivity Companies are constantly producing new and improved formulas, designs and collections to satisfy the demand. Work Cited:
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