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10:15-10:35 intro challenge

No description

Leticia Britos Cavagnaro

on 3 October 2017

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Transcript of 10:15-10:35 intro challenge

10:15-10:35 intro challenge by foundation lead
10:35-12:00 team work - part 1
12-1 lunch (boxes) - could be working lunch
1:00-2:45 team work - part 2
8:45-9:30 kickoff @ Dink
PM presentation of some challenge outcomes at Dink + concert + party
12 teams, 5 people each
8 challenges
Build community. empower to tackle a challenge. Understand how to use music as a lever to envision impact.

How might we engage Common's voice, music, and platform to impact the most marginalized people in society?
(The Make Yourself Foundation / Incubus) How might we increase connections between artists, fans, and nonprofits to catalyze social movements around the world?
(BloodPop® and Julia Michaels) How might we empower at-risk and underserved students to pursue careers in music?
VIDEO general intro:
1. music as catalyst for change:
drum music in tribes
singing at work
2. using today
History is calling to us now to use music
Music as catalyst for change.
video (past)
fellows will come up with future
music to influence the future
2:45-3:30 selection
(Grace Weber / UIF) How might we integrate musical experiences back into K-12 education?
create/ envision
shape story
How has music been a catalyst for change across history?
Now, look at what is possible - current artist demonstrates
Now, it’s up to you envision how music will shape the future

Head to groups.

Challenge Kick off:
Foundation makes intro.
Intro a user.

Intro a HMW around this user.
Let’s discuss. What does this HMW really mean?
-Collaborate feature first then discussion?

Let’s investigate.
5 artifacts to explore
Synthesize learning

Brainstorm (using levers and constraints)
- technology
- rituals
- space/time
- roles
- $5.00

Build prototype/test/iterate

Build artifact
story board
turn board into video: Clips by Apple.

YouTube Capture by YouTube
Seamus to film: show story casting. or story spine. and explain simple app to capture. "I am the creative dir. at NP..."

Split room into 2 teams or have folks get into teams of 20-25. each team watches videos for their group. they select one.

criteria for selection.

mentors are looking for patterns/themes across the videos and share those when they present

Work as a team to iterate and submit
Assign roles. folks who created video get choice.
Final rev. Include everyone in some way in the production of the final product (organize or in the video)

Return as a group. Share team artifacts and evaluation?

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