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Kung Fu Kitty

How Kung Fu Kitty died

Rohan Shrimankar

on 13 July 2013

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Transcript of Kung Fu Kitty

Heart: 16.21 grams
Kung Fu Kitty
Death: June 25, 2013
Where: China
Master in Kung Fu
Ate a rat
Rat was infested with roundworms
Most common parasitic worms to be found in cats
Toxocara cati
The Effect of Roundworms
Live in small intestine, and stomach
Sometimes penetrate the lungs, liver, eyes or brain.
Vomiting, weight loss, dull hair, and a pot bellied appearance.
Take nutrients from host animal
Intestines can be blocked
Weight of Organs
The stomach weighed 49.00 grams

Heavier than normal ->
filled with cat food

Found few roundworms

The stomach was filled with partially digested cat food -> she is not a stray
Did not receive proper medication
The lack of nutrients eventually led to the death of Kung Fu Kitty
First worm was found in
small intestine

We slit the small intestine open, and found more roundworms throughout the organ
The Death of Kung Fu Kitty
They are spread through animal feces
Infected soil
Eating mice or other small animals that are infected
Infections can also be passed through the mother's milk
Rest In Peace
Griffin Kendziorski, Rohan Shrimankar, Sung Jun Choung, Emma Baker

Thymus: 1.71 grams
Right Lung: 16.30 grams
Left Lung: 11.47 grams
Liver: 73.86 grams
Gallbladder: 0.75 grams
Pancreas: 5.63 grams
Spleen: 7.2 grams
Right Kidney: 8.24 grams (latex) Left Kidney: 6.45 grams
Greater Omentum: 10.10 grams
Stomach: 49.00 grams
Left Lung: 11.47 grams
Deworm kittens in the first two to three weeks of birth
Give roundworm medications
Control consumption of rodents
Dispose of feces
Prevent human infection by taking care of your pet
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