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No description

Michele Lim

on 29 January 2013

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Transcript of IOP

By: Michele Lim & MJ Kwon Significance of Birds in
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest Freedom Traditional Definition of Birds Confinement "But a caged bird stands on the grave of dreams
his shadow shouts on a nightmare scream
his wings are clipped and his feet are tied
so he opens his throat to sing" Thesis: Kesey uses the traditional meaning of birds to show the situation of the patients. Birds are also used to provide insight into the characters. Introduction Traditional Definition of Birds
Kesey's Usage of birds in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's nest & How it reflects the situation of the patients
Explore how the usage of birds add to the reader's understanding of the characters in the book
All quotes taken from the novel "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" by Ken Kesey.
Usage of Freedom
Usage of Confinement
http://ak1.picdn.net/shutterstock/videos/1060150/preview/stock-footage-birds-feed-on-a-frozen-lake-at-the-last-light-of-afternoon-falls.jpg Usage of
Confinement Conclusion Especially when she came and spread her wings
Whispered in my ear the things I'd like
Then she flew away into the night Free as a bird
it's the next best thing to be.
Free as a bird.

Home, home and dry,
like a homing bird I'll fly
as a bird on wings. By incorporating birds into his novel Ken Kesey:

Clarifies the various situations by embracing the traditional connotations of freedom and confinement, it portrays the mental state and the situation of the patients in the ward.

Mirror the situation of the patients

Reflect the personalities of different characters in the novel. Oasis - Songbird The Beatles - Free As A Bird abeatlesrevolution.om bandsonly.com Maya Angelous
I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings fenixrysing.files.wordpress.com Kesey's Usage & Reflection of Situation Usage of
Freedom Portrayal of Characters Personality Sexuality "It looked at first like the leaves were hitting the fence and turning into birds and flying away" (p.201). “Dog running in circles underneath, too much smell around of him to point for sure. The bird safe as long as he keeps still. He’s holding out pretty good, but the dog keeps sniffing and circling, louder and closer. Then the bird breaks, feathers springing, jumps out of the cedar into the birdshot from Pap’s gun” (p.7). "I remember I was taking huge strides as I ran, seeming to step and float a long ways before my next foot struck the earth. I felt like I was flying. Free" (p.280). airasia.com sightland.files.wordpress.com "And out the windows, the sparrows drop, smoking off the wire" (p.245). www.carstickersdecals.com "The flock gets sight of a spot of blood on some chicken and they all go to peckin’ at it, see, till they rip the chicken to shreds... oh a pecking party can wipe out the whole flock" (p.51). 4.bp.blogspot.com "He shakes the hands... that he has to pick up... like picking up dead birds" (p.21). chizumatic.mee.nu/ “The only noise was the engine sputtering and humming, off and on, as the swell dipped the exhaust in and out of the water, and the funny, lost cry of the raggedy little black birds swimming around asking one another directions” (p.211). Meaning of Cuckoo ak1.picdn.net "Goose swoops down and plucks YOU out" “You mean to tell me that’s how you’re gonna pull it? Count the votes of those old birds over there too?” (p.122) Harding's Fluttering Hands "A cuckoo's nest may be just a playful name for a madhouse (as well as slang for female genitalia)" (Intro xvi) - underlying meaning of the patients having lost their male confidence, references to Nurse Ratched as a "ball cutter" (p.54) Labeling of "Bird" "Then... I heard a high, laughing gabble... Canada honkers going south for the winter. I remember all the hunting and belly-crawling I'd ever done trying to kill a honker, and that I never got one" (p.142). The common association of cuckoos with insanity comes from the behaviour of cuckoos in nature. They lay their eggs in other birds' nests; one egg per nest. The newly hatched cuckoo then throws the other eggs and even live chicks from the nest. Cuckoo's Nest "[Harding's] got hands so long and white and dainty... free as two white birds until he notices them and traps them between his knees; it bothers him that he’s got pretty hands" (p.19) Works Cited
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