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American dream

No description


on 5 May 2015

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Transcript of American dream

American dream
History of American dream
What is an American Dream?
History of American Dream.
Today of American Dream.
How does American Dream changed?
Who has an American Dream today?
What is an American Dream?
History of American Dream
How does American Dream changed
who has an American Dream?
research Questions
American Dream is believe through that people must own hard work, courage, creativity, and determination towards the wealthy.
17th Century: Origins
18th Century: The Declaration of Independence
Mid 19th Century: Gold rush era
Early 20th Century: The Great Depression
After World War II: Stop Racism
Later 21th Century: Material needs
Now: higher Material needs
Today of American Dream
17th Century
Origins of American Dream
19th century: gold rush era
Early 20th Century
The Great Depression
18th Century
The Declaration of Independence
Mid 20th Century
Martin Luther King
The discovery of gold in California in 1849 brought in a hundred thousand men looking for their fortune overnight.
The American Dream back during The Great Depression was to be able to get some money some how.
People should not be judged or treated differently by the color of their skin.

Other country's people
All men are supposed to have an equal chance to reach the American Dream
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