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Number The Stars-Historical Fiction

No description

Sunny Baek

on 10 February 2015

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Transcript of Number The Stars-Historical Fiction

Number The Stars-Historical Fiction
Lois Lowry
Year of Publishing
ISBN Number
Book Title
Number The Stars
Place of Publishing
New York,USA
Main Character

List of Characters
Ellen-Annemarie's best friend, Jewish
Kirsti- Annemarie's younger sister, five years old at start of book
Lise-Annemarie's older sister, was part of the Danish resistance, got run over by Nazis military car and died
Peter-Lise's fiance, also part of Danish Resistance, got shot by Nazis
Papa-Annemarie's dad
Mama-Annemarie's mum
Uncle Henrik-Mama's brother,fisherman, helps smuggle the Jews to Sweden
Mr & Mrs Rosen-Ellen's parents, Jewish
The story takes place in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark. Annemarie's neighbourhood is located in north eastern Copenhagen. It also takes us to the Danish coast, Gilleleje, where Denmark meets Sweden by sea. Gilleleje is where Uncle Henrik's cottage is. It happens during WW2 (1940-1945), the years which Denmark had been occupied by Germany. More specifically, the book shows what happened from when Annemarie was ten until she turns twelve(1943-1945).
Summary of Events
Part 1/2
Denmark is occupied by Germany, King Christian X has surrendered without a fight, knowing that lots of Danish people would die otherwise. The German soldiers took the list where the names of the jews and where they live is written down. The Jews are all in danger.
Because of this, Ellen stays at Annemarie's house, pretending to be Lise, Annemarie' s sister. At dawn, the soldiers come looking for the Rosens. Annemarie yanks Ellen's Star of David necklace off, for the Star of David is something that marks her out as a Jew. The soldiers are suspicious of Ellen's dark hair compared to the rest of the family's blond hair. They narrowly escape the situation by showing the soldiers a photo of Lise as an infant(she was a brunette as an infant).
They all go to Uncle Henrik's where the Rosens reunite and are going to got to Sweden directly, a safe haven for Jews. Rachel,a small baby and her parents are co-escapees. They are ready.But a party of Nazi officers interrupt their meeting. Cleverly using their cover story, Mama manages to hide the meeting's real purpose.
Summary of Events
Part 2/2
Uncle Henrik forgets to take a very important item. Annemarie has to take it to him,because her mum has gotten a sprained ankle.Her mum puts the item on the bottom of the basket and fills the basket up with Uncle Henrik's 'lunch'. However, Annemarie is spotted by German soldiers who pull apart Uncle Henrik's 'lunch' and gives it to their dogs.The dogs lunge at the item, put inside an envelope,which apparently is nothing more than a simple white handkerchief,nothing else. Puzzled but determined, Annemarie takes the handkerchief to Uncle Henrik. He takes the Jews across to Sweden, a safe haven for Jews.
Later, he explains how the handkerchief was powdered with a powerful mixture of rabbit blood and cocaine. The rabbit blood attract the dogs and cocaine temporarily disables the dogs of their sense of smell. Boat captains would use the handkerchief so that the dogs sniffing around for Jews could not smell the hidden people. After two years, the war ends and the Jews could come back home. Annemarie asks her dad to repair Ellen's Star of David necklace which she yanked from Ellen's neck two years ago.
A Recommendation
Pictures to Show Events From the Book
Ellen's Star of David necklace
Denmark occupied by Nazi Germany
I would like to recommend this book to kids who are learning about World War Two in Europe, since this book has information about how life was like for ordinary citizens, living their lives in Europe. Also, it is appropriate for kids because the story is told from the view of a young girl, aged ten.
I would definitely encourage other people to read it, since l couldn't stop reading the book myself. One of the main reasons l like this book so much, was that l sympathized with Annemarie a lot. l would have felt almost exactly as she did,made the same choices, and said the same thing except that l'm sure she would have been a whole lot braver than me. Also one of the reasons l really admire her is that she acted calmly,under pressure, lying smoothly to the German soldiers, pretending to be a silly little girl, taking lunch to her uncle..

Neutral Sweden
Powdered handkerchief hidden on bottom of basket
What I have learnt from this book
From this book, I learned a lot about WW2 in Europe. I got lots of information, like how the lives of citizens of a country invaded by Germany was like. I learned about how people couldn't get butter, or leather shoes or rubber wheels for their bicycles. So they had to make do with plain bread, fish skin shoes, and wooden wheels. There was a group called the Danish resistance, who tried to fight for Denmark's freedom. The people of Denmark also sunk their own navy, to stop the German soldiers from getting them. Boat captains had a very special powdered hankerchief, that temporarily disabled the search dogs' sense of smell.
It seemed like unfairness to me, the life Jewish people had to live then. The Jews were just living their lives. They didn't mean any harm. People who were Jewish had to try and escape to a place where Jews were safe. If they failed, they would get arrested, just for being Jewish. Jews always would have had to live in the fear that one of their friends would betray them. They had to rely on their friends to find a place they could hide for a couple of days before they could escape to a different country where they could be safe.
-ten year old girl
-has a Jewish best friend
-lives in Denmark, is Danish citizen
-used to be middle child until older sister Lise died
-has blond hair
-has long legs & good at running
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