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BC Green Storytelling

No description

Elizabeth Hand

on 7 October 2014

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Transcript of BC Green Storytelling

The End: the Ah-Ha!
What were the results of your experiments?

Were they different than you expected?

Were you turned on to new questions?

What surprised you?

How did you and your green team grow?
BC Green

Project Guide!

How do you grow a strong project?
Bc Green Games
Project is more than just a science project. It's collaborative effort to understand environmental challenges and to develop creative ways of communicating those challenges. A good project needs 3 things:

1. Mentors
2. Research
3. Story

The Beginning Branch: The W's
The beginning of a story lets the audience know:
WHO you are
WHAT your hypothesis is
WHY you think it's important
The Middle: The How
In the Middle, the audience want's to know
you are going to find out the answer to your question.

What is your plan?
What is your research?
Who are your mentors?
How will you document your process?
What is your timeline?
What are your challenges?
Where to Begin
The roots of any project is a plan. The
Bc Green Games
Project Guide is a tool to help you organize your ideas in a way that best represents your environmental genius and to help you meet our three major criteria.
Environmental Responsibility
Creativity and
Spread the environmental message and actually be heard!
We have as many supportive mentors as a forest has trees.

Mentors are ready and motivated to support your class.

Be sure to check out the mentors page on bcgreengames.ca
What's new in the Environmental sciences?

check out the galleries at bcgreengames.ca
ask a mentor
consult a reliable news source.

An effective story has a clear and simple:

The trunk of our
BC Green Games
tree is environmentally responsible action.
Your project will be a fresh perspective on sustainability and conservation challenges.

Choose an environmental issue that is important to you!
How you can tackle that problem?
Develop a theory.
Test it out.

A: The best projects happen when a team focuses on what's really important to them and they do the project their own way!

What kinds of things are you interested in? How can you incorporate them into your project?

Look at the same old thing in a new way!
sing a song about climate change
write a play about compost
paint a mural for the forests

Tip #2 Q: Which topics make the best projects ?
The Trunk
The Branches of a Story
Once you've planted your BC Green Games idea, watered it with research, mentors and experiments, your project tree will grow some story branches

1. A beginning
2. A middle
3. An End
Communication:Like leaves in the wind....
The Hits!

Every good story has a conflict. That's because, most stories lead to some kind of learning.

Challenges and setbacks aid learning.
Without them, you simply find out what you already knew!

Don't forget to include your challenges and what you learned from them!
One root of a BC Green Games project is to better understand the societal issues related to environmental concerns.
Tell your own amazing, brilliant and uniquely
What Would A Scientist Do? - tip #1
Scientists have a clear set of guidelines to follow:

The Scientific Method

• Ask a question

• Do background research

• Construct a hypothesis

• Test the hypothesis by doing an experiment

• Analyze the data and draw a conclusion

• Report the results (was the hypothesis correct or no?)

• What did you learn?

The Future
How do you see your efforts moving into the future?

Do you have a plan to follow up?

Have you permanently affected your own awareness and behaviour?
To recap: You've come up with a brilliant idea, done your homework and you have a great story. So how do you put it out into the world?
Prezi, like Powerpoint, is a way to blend text and images to tell a story.

prezi.com can offer oodles of designable and pre-designed themes to help you organize your project.

Prezis can be submitted as a video.
A favorite for storytelling is the short video.

Videos are a fun and effective way to showcase your ideas.

And with the support of Science world and Sony, your school could win a new camera in our early-bird registry draw.
Photo Essays
Another interesting way to go about documenting your project is to keep good notes and take great photos of your project.

Photo-based projects require a compelling written explanation.
Power Point Presentations
Everyone likes a well thought out Power Point presentation.
If you're able, consider recording your presentation with a voice over.
Or, provide supporting documents.
Something We Haven't Thought of?
There is always room for innovation in the
BC Green Games
Perhaps you have a way with social media?
You know all about surveys?
You write for the school newspaper.
Let us know if you have an unconventional entry idea.

Whatever you choose...
No matter how you choose to share your BC Green Games story, you are sure to do well with a plan, a story and a passion to keep our planet

What would a BC Green Games project guide be with out the classic hit: The bokashi-style dance?
Thank you for brilliant contribution to the planet! Good luck with your projects!
Is an educated guess!
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