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Copy of Cell Analogy

Comparing a plant cell to a soccer field.

Remy De Milde

on 20 April 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Cell Analogy

Plant Cell Analogy Door: Remy de Milde Nucleus In a plant cell, the nucleus is the
"control center" of the cell. This is where the DNA is stored. The DNA
is the 'blue print' of the cell. Referee The referee is the person who calls the plays and how the game will turn out. Ribosomes Ribosomes, in a plant cell, are used to
transfer RNA and help translate the
genes into proteins. One section is bigger than the other. Coaches -Coaches are the people who distribute
the information about what to do on the
-There are the Head Coach and the Assistant Coach. The Assistant Coach is 'smaller' compared to the Head Coach. Mitochondria 'Powerhouse' of the cell because
it is the supply of energy. Players Players are the people who
keep the game going because
they are the game! Without them,
there would be no game. Jersey's Golgi Apparatus It packages, modify, and segregates proteins from the cell. The jersey's and their colors
differentiate the different teams. Endoplasmic Reticulum E.R. is the transportation
through the cell. Feet! The feet of the players are like the E.R. because they are the reason the ball can move around the field. Gatorade Gatorade is where the nutrients for the players
are to help them keep
playing. Vacuole The vacoule is a place in the cell
where things are stored. Cell Wall The cell wall protects
the cell from injury
and is a source of
support for the cell. Trainer The trainer helps
the players if they get hurt, but also shows the players how not to get hurt. Cell Membrane The cell membrane
is a semi-permiable
This means that it will
let specific organisms
in and out of the cell. Side Lines The sidelines are where the players have to stay either in or out. Chloroplast The chloroplast is what
gives the cell its
green color. The Field The grass is
green on the field. Cytoplasm Cytoplasm is what
holds together in the
cell and acts a barrier. Line Referees The line refs
make sure everyone is in place and regulate the subs.
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