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Magazines in the Digital Age

A presentation on key issues magazines and other print media must consider when going digital.

Ashley Slade

on 25 April 2011

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Transcript of Magazines in the Digital Age

Magazines in the Digital Age More people read print magazines than digital How to Innovate? To innovate magazines must... Know their consumers Synchoronize across multiple platforms Allow social media interaction Employ flexible purchasing options 62% of US adults prefer all you can read

Pay per article options resonate with
younger readers

73% of adults feel digital versions of
magazines should be less expensive
than print

Users like to share what they read online
through social media networks But... according to research by Elastic Path,
47% of US adults read digital magazine content. Print magazines must innovate if they want to connect with growing online audiences. Conduct research on who is reading digital versions of your magazine, run surveys, and use analytics to understand your audience. Following these steps will help magazine publishers
compete in the digital age. Digital Make the same content available in print... online... on eReaders... and on mobile phones.
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