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Miss. Maniccia's eBook

No description

J Maniccia

on 1 March 2014

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Transcript of Miss. Maniccia's eBook

Miss. Maniccia's Literacy History
The Beginnings...
I learned to read and understand words and spelling at an early age.

My mother was a major influence, who always encouraged reading. I will always remember her reading to me
at night.

I loved puzzles! As a child I had an alphabet puzzle
I enjoyed putting together.

I also loved word searches and would go through
many word search books.

What I loved...

I loved writing stories. My favourite part of language class was being able to create my own short stories; I enjoyed writing stories based on topics that interested me.

I did well on spelling tests because I was great at memorizing.

In my spare time with friends we would create our own scripts. We would collaborate together to develop plays and act out our scripts.

This was as far as my comfort level would take me...

What I struggled with...

I was placed outside of my comfort zone when it came to speeches. I was afraid of being in front of big groups and always felt like I was being judged. I always chose speech topics that I thought people would not like because I was nervous to move on to present in front of the entire school.

Language class became repetitive. We read stories and completed book reports. One after the other, with no personal relevance.

My Literacy Journey
As a child I had a great appreciation for nursery rhymes and loved to have books read to me at night.

I was a good reader, but I read because I had to, not because I wanted to.

My mindset towards literacy was based on my attitude as opposed to my willingness to do better.

I have learned that the importance of literacy in the classroom is vital. On this journey I have had an array of experiences that have taught me how to make literacy more engaging for students and cater towards students' interests.
Where I am today...

Literacy and learning about the strands of language arts can be made enjoyable and interactive for students.

I have experienced a new understanding on how to build language skills and most importantly how to relate it to my students.

Like myself, I now prefer to read online and would prefer to integrate technology in my learning. I know similarly most of my students will tend to learn better that way.

I have found this website extremely helpful in building a better understanding towards the "Balanced Literacy Diet" in the classroom:


image "Love you Forever" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:LoveYouForever.png

image "Cow jumps over the moon" http://www.shutterstock.com/pic-23754361/stock-vector-cow-jumping-over-the-moon.html

slide 4, slide 6 and slide 7 pictures. Maniccia, J. (cc2014)

image "Literacy" http://kimjaxon.com/engl332/?p=2609

image "Kids who read succeed" http://mrqawwasscience.weebly.com/literacy.html

YouTube link. "vInspired: Teamv campaign 3: To improve literacy..."
My goal to incorporate literacy in the classroom will be based on an understanding of my students; their interests and the levels to which they are at.

I will provide my students with countless opportunities for success and plenty of feedback to encourage their improvement.

Specifically I will want my students to come with a positive attitude in the classroom and towards literacy so that they feel comfortable and are motivated to learn.
I was always told my essays had a lot of repetition (fluff). I was told to use library resources to better my writing, but my grades were average and I was not willing to put forth the extra effort.

In University, to study I needed to read; and take notes, I was a slow reader and so I began to dislike reading for pleasure.
What lies ahead...
I have understood how to allow for choice in my lessons to engage and allow my students to work to the best of their abilities.

Most importantly I believe that students need to feel comfortable and need to have a positive attitude for learning.

From my experiences I have continued to have a mindset that language was not for me because I did not do well in the subject.

I believe that when students come in with a negative mindset their brains are turned off for learning and turned off for any potential of success they could achieve.
My Inspiration
Spelling Tests
Peace in the Sea: A Short Story
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