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Crime-fighting and security

No description

Ghaidaa Fahad

on 10 March 2014

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Transcript of Crime-fighting and security

Using simple technology
Unique (adj.)
The only one of its tybe ; not like any other
Grip (n.)
Ability to hold onto a surface the way in which you hold something in your hand
GPS (n.)
Global positioning system : a system that uses satellite signals to show you your exact position
PIN (n.)
Personal identification number : a number given to you for example by a bank so that you can take money from a cash machine or pay goods using a card
Crime-fighting and security
Recognition (n.)
The ability to identify somebody or something from individual characteristics
Motion sensor (n.)
Sensor (n.)
A device used to detect the presence of a particular quality or effect such as heat , light , sound , etc.
Shock (n.)
Sudden violent movement or contact with something
Tagging (n.)
A system where an electronic device is attached to a person in order to know where they are at all times
Body armour (n.)
Incapacitate (v.)
To make somebody unable to do anything
Escape (v.)
To get away from something
Security (n.)
The activities involved in protecting something or somebody
Trigger (n.)
Protective covering
A device which detects movement
A small metal lever that you press with your finger to fire a gun
Done by :
Ghaidaa Al-Orini
Ghadeer Fahad
Heba Al-Hashmi
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