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OLD What is Art?

No description

Amy Moore

on 8 November 2017

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Transcript of OLD What is Art?

What is art?
But, to our camera man, the fact that something was in a museum made it art.
So, in the eyes of the security guard,
art should be pretty.
"Art is form and content."
For example...
If you haven't caught on, there's no one definition to "art."
And, I'm never going to tell you what art is. Because my opinion is no more valid than yours.
But... because it's my job to make you into better artists, I'm going to tell you, in the most general terms possible, what makes good art.
Form: the craftsmanship, technique, use of elements/principles
Content: the subject matter or message/meaning
Now, you better have one of these things done well, or else most people probably wouldn't call it art.
Beautiful form
Meaningful content
What does this mean for you?
Be different! You're all artists, not manufacturers. Your goal is not to reproduce something you saw at Urban Outfitters just because you can. The goal is to create something that is uniquely you.
And yes, I'm going to start asking "why?" Believe it or not, people will ask you why you created something or the meaning behind your work.
No more puppies and flowers and rainbows? No more pretty quotes with butterflies? Not necessarily. Again, there's room for art that is beautiful and nothing more. But I want to see you try to send the viewer a message.
A lot of you have "learned the rules" of good form enough that I've love to see you work on content.
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