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Mob Mentality in the Salem Witch Trials

No description

Koby Gordon

on 5 October 2012

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Transcript of Mob Mentality in the Salem Witch Trials

Mob Mentality in the Salem Witch Trials Mob Mentality Witch trials in Salem, Massachusetts. June to September of 1692. 19 men and women were carried to Gallows Hill and hung for "practicing witchcraft". Salem "The tendency for individuals to mimic the
actions of a larger group. Individually, most
people would not make the same choice." The group seems to make some
behaviors acceptable that would
not seem acceptable otherwise.
The behavior is of the group not
of you. Mob Mentality In Salem Common rationale is that such a large group could not be wrong. Even if you think that it may be wrong, you still follow, thinking they may know something that you do not. Mob mentality was why the trials escalated so quickly. This is because if you did not want to be accused, you had to accuse others. People who "scoffed at accusations risked becoming targets themselves." Mob mentality made the Salem witch trials very powerful. It forced everybody that wanted to live to be active accusers and strongly support the fight to rid Salem of witches.
People left their personal beliefs aside and conformed to the beliefs of the mob. Mob mentality drove the Salem witch trials, and is the reason why it grew so large so quickly. Examples of mob mentality:
stock market
animal packs
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