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Pitch Perfect

Aca Believe it!

Anjelyne Castillo

on 30 January 2013

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Transcript of Pitch Perfect

For your ritual - performing on stage
Having a quiet place to practice
An Auditorium of some sort Social ETHICAL Mythic From the beginning of time in Bella history it was told to never trust the Treblemakers for they were known to do all sorts of evil to try and keep the Bellas from obtaining their well deserved trophy as National Champions. This also helps keep he Bellas as one. Mythic (cont.) "In order to ensure no contact with the Trebles an oath was to be instated for all wishing to be part of the Bellas. "I solemnly swear to never have any relations with a Treble or may my vocal chords be ripped out by wolves."
Taken from the Book of Aubrey Ch.1 Verse 13 As demonstrated here by Ariela taking an oath to never participate in any relations with a Treble. Doctrinal Belief system: Pitch Perfect, Beca, Fat Amy We are constantly practicing, singing, dancing, some cardio, and we are unique which is what we learned from Beca's teachings. We also learned to be confident and believe we are the best girl group ever to perform in acapella history as taught in the earlier teachings of Aubrey. Doctrinal (cont.) The praise of the movie itself in the hands of a believer. "There came all powerful Beca from behind the walls
of the alternative and punk movement, now here to
help the Bellas on their journey to the sacred land of
Acapella performances everywhere."
Sacred book of Lilly Ch 30 Verses 2-4 "On the third friday of the month, thou must plan with thy community to worship the mighty movie Pitch Perfect at a volunteer's house. Food and laughter is important during these sacred days with one another." Social teachings of Pitch Perfect, Section 2, part 4 Material Social "Not only is it important to watch but also quote and worship the amazing, talented gods in front of your eyes in every scene." Social Teachings of Pitch Perfect, Section 2, part 5 "If thou shall have any relations with the Treblemakers, thou shall be kicked out & forced to take their chair with them." Book of Perfect, Ch 1, verse 3-4 If you make any contact with a group called the Treblemakers, you are kicked out of the Barden Bella group and take the chair with you. Pitch Perfectism Physical objects brought you with you while you perform
Whistle Ethical Ritual Worship by re-performing dances, accapella music, gestures from the movie in real life
Creating new accapella music with the clever ways with beat boxing, etc.
Most importantly share your rituals with the world! The chair represents a spot in the Barden Bella group. Ritual & Social Anjelyne Castillo
Angelica Rodulfo
Ariela Cuellar HOPE YOU ENJOYED THE PRESENTATION CRUSHED IT Aca-believe it You all have fat hearts "Back in the day, the Barden Bellas once performed on stage. They had an ordinary appearance. As they performed more often, they realized that they needed to look very presentable and needed something to complete the whole group to win the competition. So they tried many objects to find their charm." Book of Pitch Perfect Ch. 4 verse 5-8
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