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Headley Website

Headley Village Website : January 2012

Al Young

on 17 January 2018

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Transcript of Headley Website

Headley Village Website
the pages

Google uses all that information to help commercial users to identify who is looking at what - it is all about the sale of advertising space.

Results for Headley...
One of the more frequently updated items are the pages for the Parish Council. This is a 'sub-domain' of the village website provided for them as part of the main village site.

The parish clerks use the pages to make the council information available with contributions of notices, minutes, information and survey topics...

<p><b><i>13th November 2011</i></b></p>
<p><b><i>Tryphena Thomas and Mary Ewsters</i></b></p>
<p> Hello Headley, I have found that my ancestors Mary Ewsters and Tryphena Thomas are both buried in All Saints Churchyard, mary in 1855 and Tryphena in 1825. Tryphena's husband was John, a doctor, and Mary's husband was William, a successful brazier and metal worker in the East End. He built Arford House and retired to Headley but how Tryphena ended there I do not know, as she too was from the East End originally. The maiden name of both women was Dale. Please contact me </p>
<p><i><b> Ros Boon</b></i><b></b></p>
November 2000 more updates and more information
At the same time, Jo had been putting together his listings pages for a number of the historical areas, the reference information and listings pages which are at the heart of the Society pages, and his own Headley history, timelines, theatre club pages and books
– this is a copy of a more up to date version of the page, and once we bumped into each other, it was a fairly logical step to manage it all as one site…
how it started
how it fits together
and how it works
each page is actually several separate parts -
and all those parts have
separate addresses on the internet

so each 'page' may be several pages, from several places...

All these pages - and there are over 4000 separate bits of page in the village site alone - also 'know' when they have been asked for, so we can use that to look at who used which pages.
finding your way...
Back to Headley...
Finding your way round the site ... menus or search?
The site is not a ‘single site’ in that it is not all in one place … the site brings together a lot of different interests and sources with the common theme of the village and what happens (or has happened) here.
I’m not going to take you through each page - there are several hundreds– but here are a few examples of the content.
The aim of the website is really to help people find where in the world we are, and to find out about Headley - whether they are interested in seeing what it looks like from the pictures in the photo album, or from the huge amount of content available.
This picture was taken from a model aircraft by Paul Farmer who now lives in Guildford, and he emailed a few of his shots to the website back in 2007. We’ve used them as part of the content here, and also in the presentation for the successful submission to Village of the Year contest in 2010.
The Front Page:
Changes fairly regularly - either with a new picture, or a ‘new item’ in the rolling marquee along the top.
Which some will recognise as following the information which is published as a leaflet … and shows the work of some of the society members
Jo maintains the content of this page and covers the meetings, events, and the result of various projects which the Society undertakes, together with meeting records and links to published items
The website does attract shared photos and information, and depending on the content, it will appear in this ‘past times’ area, in part of the ‘history’ area, or perhaps in general discussions which we’ll see later.
The HISTORY front page... look at the menu items available -
Some of this content comes from Jo’s pages, whilst other bits have been contributed by others
Societies and organisations all have a ‘place’ in the website – and the sports area has links to the various organisations which update their own information.
Other village ‘resources’ such as the village hall may have a detailed entry – but all are available to be ‘booked on line’ which is actually a bit of smoke and mirrors as that generally means the request comes in and is passed on by phone or mail to whoever actually administers the halls.
Example of Links to some of the other organisations … dare I say not all in colour schemes or layouts which are easy on the eye!
Another example of dynamic information and updated information which we’ll look at later, but it is probably worth saying now that the website is not part of the Parish Council provision ... it is completely independent and is done ‘for fun’
It is quite hard these days to remember that the ubiquitous ‘WEB’ is so young…. along with mobile phones and digital cameras, the web as we know it only came into existence in the 1990s with the basic rules which allow the pages to work being defined and accepted in about 1993.
A few years after that , it began to become available to individuals rather than corporate resources, quite a number of sites started to spring up where individuals made their particular interest areas available – and of course all good developments happen simultaneously in more than one place, even in Headley!
I started this as part of a desire to get the Scouts a bit of publicity – I was involved with the group at the time – and it very quickly became an ‘about Headley’ set of pages.
This is actually from 1998 when the pages were still hosted on BTInternet – image taken from the ‘wayback’ site which stores copies of old sites for historical reference.
Fairly basic stuff – with a ‘striking ‘ colour scheme … even by this time I’d lost the ‘twiddly flashy’ bits which are fun for about 20 seconds and intensely irritating afterwards…
November 2000 – we’d survived the millennium, the computers still worked despite all the dire predictions… The All Saints Millennium Appeal item came and went – some increasing sets of items and the ‘SHOP’ – which has never really taken off and now mostly duplicates Jo’s own sales area
A brief technical interlude to explain how all this works – just looking at a single page demonstrates the power of the rules and guidance which Tim Berners Lee developed, bringing the military/academic file sharing internet into the world wide web.
You’re looking here at four separate pages, and several significant data types which bring together static data, and images, with dynamic update and selection options
A quick look at a simple piece of the HTML code
Hyper Text Markup Language
Some of you will remember the early days of wordstar and the first ‘word processors’ which were specialist systems using printer’s mark-up rules - ^B to show bold and ^i italic… HTML is very similar and you cans see here the paragraph start/end marks <p></p>, the Bold start/end <b></b> etc
Other elements are a bit more complex, but the principle is the same.
All this is managed by your Browser - IE/Firefox/SAFARI/etc from a stream of data passed back and forth on the network – the internet.

… the next item is an old training film. Where it talks about corporate networks, think of your information service provider - BT, SKY etc, and the model description holds.
Health warning that it does use very American language - ROUTER etc pronunciation.
The object is to outline how the internet manages information.. and I hope it is a bit of fun
We looked at menu options before - but you should realise that the menu groupings rely pretty much on my logic… and what is logical to me may not always be obvious to you.
So the front page of the site has a SEARCH option. It uses Google search algorithms so should work in a fairly familiar way—
To pick a topic at random – the 16 results on the site are displayed, starting with the page which holds Jim Grevatt’s notices and updates, and identifying all the other places on the site where table tennis is mentioned … picking out references in the Scrapbooks and Headley Report as well.
Headley report is made available on the web site at the same time as the printed version is distributed… so you can look back at several years of the report.
A more specifically village based enquiry shows a lot of information and references from the history pages – you will see these come from the domain address owned by Jo rather than the Headley village server – the search facility covers both areas seamlessly.
The power of information – and how we understand what people use, and what is of most interest to them…
2,036 visits in two months - maintaining the monthly average 1000 visits which we have had for a number of years – the interest is of course where people are coming from … the majority are in UK … some of the timings seem a little low, but may indicate that they have moved onto pages in the site which are not tracked by Google.
Picking on the 42 Australian visits…
The poser of the information is quite clear – we can see the one person in the University of New South Wales logging on from Woolangong to briefly look at a couple of pages … we could go into more detail and tell you the time and the page, the browser they were using, which operating system, and how powerful their computer was…. and a few other details such as IP address etc

Remember this when you are surfing the net… you really can be tracked very very easily!
Perhaps more usefully (for our website anyway) is looking at how people find the site, and what they are looking at. Again many hours of fun with numbers is available iof you wish… but looking quickly here, we can see a satisfying 74% of people coming to the website because they have typed the URL in directly, or perhaps bookmarked it for speed -
Nearly 6% have been passed on - and that includes referral links from Fleetwood Mac fan pages, the BBC, or other links around the world.
Of the 20% searching for something and astonishing 90% use Google – or maybe not astonishing
The top graph shows how many on each day
And the detail page shows the text of the search string (again warnings to understand who is recording your searches!)
Consistently top are people hunting for the Crown… and people trying to find the football pitches ( this changes to cricket in summer!)
Those analytics figures also mean we can understand and improve the information on the site - try putting Headley in your Google search box…. Most of the time, and most satisfyingly you should see this
Our Headley TOP followed by Surrey’s Headley, then us again… then a terrorist - you can’t win them all!
Companies pay serious money to get that position in the Google rankings, so hopefully us being there helps and benefits the people in our business directory also be seen!
I did promise more on the council – this is probably one of the most dynamic areas of the site because over the past few years the clerks have increasingly used the site to make council information available –
Most weeks will see change in some part of their pages – be that notices, information notes, or the agenda and minutes of the principle council meetings

This next page is slightly different from the one captured from the opening sequence, because the image was taken a couple of days later, and the Christmas Waste collection notices have gone…
Who is who and who does what. This is the Parish Clerk for those who have not popped in to see her (rather this picture than a mug shot of Anthony I thought – but he is there)
Calendar of meetings with links to the agenda or minutes for each meeting - this goes back to 2004 which is when Kate Shipton started providing the information
-If you want to check the planning minutes…..
Part of implementing Drupal as a content managment database for part of the site, this is not one of the huge successes so far, but something we hope to build on – the ability to open discussions on various council ‘hot topics’
New last year was the use of an on-line survey – used for the Arford Common Management consultation. A simple questionnaire developed by the council, with instant analysis of responses – there were a total of 42, which is probably quite a high rate…
General Information links - you should be able to find most things through the website :
Doctors, Dentists, .. government info, Census analysis … etc etc.

We also have links to Corné, our twin town in the Loire valley
The ‘interactive part of the site which is developing, allows upload of information – this is an example of a dissertation by MATTHEW TILLEY which was written about Ludshott, and kindly provided to us for the site
And of course in the depths of the links on the Society pages, the work on the archives which I guess some of you are or have been involved with.
... and then there is THE PUMP
This is the area started in about 2000 as a general discussion and comment area… and is often quite fascinating. Early in it's life, we had a great success getting two parts of a family together
Then from Denis, who often sends in notes and comments, a little piece on war time days - revealing and a tremendous window on that time.
A series of entries which is quite satisfying…
At the foot of the page of questions and updates, a brief note from Gail, who had used some information from the site and it's readers to find and meet up with her family (Combes) in Canada...
Three months later and apparently with no connection, an enquiry from Andrew Thorburn seeking information about Mrs Kentish
More than a year further on , Andrew Thorburn is back (with added hyphen) looking for Alice Coombes who worked for Mrs Kentish..
and within days has a response from Jon in Canada (same family as Gail in the first posting of the series here....)
And then after a visit to Headley when he met with Jo Smith, all is revealed... Alice was a war widow who left Britain, and her three young children to go to Canada. Her children were separated and adopted and did not know of each other's existence ...
So we end up on a page which has nothing to do with Headley Website – but is all about the aims of the website, and goes back to the idea that these pages are there to bring information about the village together - whether you’re looking for a bus time or a brother
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