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Why Animals Should be Kept in Zoos?

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funfun sunsun

on 10 December 2012

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Transcript of Why Animals Should be Kept in Zoos?

Animals SHOULD be kept in Zoos! Animals should be kept in zoos. There are many reasons why people create zoos for animals but many people who visit zoos misunderstand the concept of having animals behind bars. Zoos are needed for the protection of animals from poachers, the environment and from extinction. By: Fulya and Heather 8A Should Animals be Kept in Zoos? Zoos help increase the population of endangered species, by protecting and helping them produce. Zoos help keep animals safe from poachers who kill them for their body parts. ( tusks, skin, fur, organs etc.) Zoos are also very informative to many people who come and visit, they promote and educate people about animals and why we should protect them. Zoos were created for people to see wild animals, but it is also for the benefit of these species. Zoos protect endangered animals, help them produce and educate people from around the world about them. Why do we need Zoos? We Hope Your Enjoyed our Presentation! By: Fulya and Heather 8A Should Animals be Kept in Zoos?
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