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How did I use media technologies in the construction and res

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harry pugh

on 29 April 2018

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Transcript of How did I use media technologies in the construction and res

How did I use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?
Research and Planning for 'Artifice'
During my research and planning stage I used many online technologies to help me through this stage. Like social media, microsoft softwares and and youtube to help research and plan for the construction of my short thriller film. However, the most important technology that i used with the research and planning is survery monkey.
Evaluation of 'Artifice'
During the evaluation of my short thriller film 'Artifice', I have used many technologies to help me show my evaluation in various form. From creating a website to post everything on, to using camera work to film a focus group. I have shown my evaluation throughout many formats to help me improve the style of the website and to prevent it from looking like i 'typical and boring'website.
My website
By submitting my evaluation onto a website I have learned a skill of how to create a website through 'Weebly' that i didn't know how to do before. And by using this website, i have embedded and downloaded my answers for the evaluation in multiple ways. Through Microsoft word and PowerPoint, YouTube, and then including this, prezi. Because of these technologies and different ways of creating my evaluation, I have managed to answer it in various ways and show pictues and films that i may not have been able to do so without them. This overall does help improve the quality of my evaluation and it helps me show my evaluation in creative styles and helps communicate easily. The use of these technologies has also lead to me having a large amount of choice, allowing me to choose how i would like to present my evaluation and how i would like to create it.
Final Cut Pro
Final Cut Pro allows me to choose which colour tint I would like on my footage, which transaction looks best between shots and how far I want to trim each shot. Final Cut Pro gave. I used Final Cut Pro because it helped me in the construction of my film, allowing me to piece all of my footage together in one software with ease.
How I used technologies
Throughout every stage working on my short thriller film 'Artifice', from the research and planning, through the production stages and the evaluation of the film, i have used a vast amount of modern technologies to help me with all the stages. The majority were online, digital based technologies, however a lot of physical technolgies like cameras and sound equipment were used during the production stages. These were the most useful sources of technology as without them, there would be no creating films. The computer to edit the footage on was very useful and that is where the final production stages were completed in the post-production. Although, throughout the construction, research and planning, and evaluation stages, i have used a lot of technology to assist me and help me with the creating of my short thriller film 'Artifice'.
Construction of 'Artifice'
during the construction of my short thriller film i used many technologies, like cameras, lighting and sound recording equipment during the main production. however, the most important use of technology for me was during the post-production and editing stage, when i used Final Cut Pro. Final Cut Pro is a recent and new technology for me to learn as before media A level I had never heard of it. The use of Final Cut Pro enabled me to edit my short thriller film production. This is where all of my footage from the filming production comes together and is the biggest stage in the consturction of my Artifice. This makes Final Cut Pro very useful in the construction of my media task and possibly the most important use of technology to me during my media short thriller film production.
Survey Monkey
Survey monkey is where I've gotten all my reviews and audience feedback from. By using survey monkey I have been able to send a survey to thriller enthusiasts and gain useful feedback from my audience by asking them relevant questions that helps me with the production of my short thriller film, and the evaluation. I managed to create my questionnaires on survey monkey and distribute them using social media (facebook). This is how i recieved my audience feedback allowing me to act on what i have been told and what the audience is expecting from my short thriller film, and to know what to research to plan in preperation of the production. And it has also taught me what I have done well with the creating of 'Artifice', and what may need improvments on if I were to create another short thriller film.
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