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Florida Python Invasion

Storr18 ICS18PereD

Incarnation Catholic

on 7 April 2017

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Transcript of Florida Python Invasion

Conserving our native wildlife is the driving force behind the Python Challenge.
- Python Challenge 2016
The Process
Open Hunting Permits
Destroying the Eggs
Open hunting permits promises great decreases in the python community. It is a one million initial cost, and a 500,000 maintenance fee, but it promises a great difference in the everglades. It has minimal effects on other species, and would only require 15 rangers and 2 full time public relations to begin the effort. We could organize a hunting challenge, to encourage quick results.
Our second procedure to reduce the python population is locating and destroying the eggs. This procedure is only $500,000 in taxpayer money, and promises a large decrease in the python community, up to 20%. The impact on other species is moderate, if the nests are misidentified, but our team of 100 rangers and vets will make sure the nests are the correct ones.
Tuesday, April 4, 2017
Vol XCIII, No. 311
Python Invasion
Pythons need to go.
Pythons are harming the ecosystem. These snakes have been shipped in from Asia from exotic breeders, who eventually leave them to the wild when they become too difficult to care for. These snakes have become the apex predator in the Everglades, beating out the native alligator. They are shifting the ecoystem and causing some species population to decline, such as the alligator. Our team of investigators have come up with a new process to eradicate this invasive species.
Florida Python Invasion
The Everglades

pythons have stranghold on eevrglades.
A mother python protecting her eggs
Pythons have invaded the Everglades, and they are a danger to our ecosystem. These pythons have become the apex predator, killing out other species. Where pythons have been living, marsh rabbits and foxes cannot be found. Families have even reported that a python has killed and eaten their pets. Our board has now implemented our new procedures and processes to fix this problem.
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