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an intro to Fixers with You Tube film in Prezi

Rachel O'Connor

on 14 December 2012

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Transcript of Fixers

The Story So Far... Since 2008, Fixers has worked with over
5,500 young people

These Fixers have produced over
600 projects and this number is growing daily

So far, Fixers have devoted more than
120,000 hours of their own time to projects

Fixers has a team of Creative Producers who will help give your Fix that professional finish

Your YPC will help you make sure your Fix idea is as clear and focused as it can be

You will work with your YPC to research what else is already out there Our Creative Team Before we begin,
we need to think about...
What's the issue you want to Fix?

How do you want to change it?

Who do you need to tell about it?

Who is your audience going to be?

What else is out there? We can't work on projects that...

Promote an advocate organisation

Provide extras to an existing project which cannot be owned by the Fixers

Make something to sell or promote a business

Directly fundraise for another charity Some exceptions Issue

Develop idea

Big Meeting with Creative Resources


Show your audience

FIX IT! So what happens next? All your expenses are covered as a Fixer

So are other Fixers' expenses who get involved to help

Money should never stop you being involved

Your location in the UK shouldn't stop you either

Keep all your receipts and let us know what you have spent Other stuff you should know Any Questions? Fixers is part of the

Calpe House
7a St Thomas Sreet
SO23 9HE
T: 01962 810 970
www.facebook.com/fixersuk FIXERS
helps any
young person
aged 16-25
tackle an issue
that matters to them Background blurb... We have a Broadcast team who produce features for ITV regional news about what Fixers are doing in each area

These are usually shown on 1st Thursday every month

Some, but not all, Fixes are chosen to be part of these news broadcasts Broadcast Films Funded by the National Lottery through the Big Lottery Fund
Company 2194957 Charity 298643. Fixers works with any young person

The only criteria is that their Fix must positively affect at least one other person

Thanks to the Big Lottery Fund,
we are now working across
England, Scotland, Northern Ireland
and Wales to build the Movement of Fixers Young People's Coordinators,
help young people find
creative ways
to do something positive,
make a change in their community,
make a difference
to their lives
and the world around them. Your Creative Producer will then help you develop the best way of reaching the right people

This may be a new or different way of thinking

It may be a film, documentary, book, event, website, music video, phone app or poster campaign

You name it, our team can create it How are you going to make it work?

Is it cost effective?

Is it something new?

What are the chances of its success?

How will you know you’ve made a difference? And... With your input, Creative Resources will develop your resource and bring the Fix to life

Your resource will be created

We will help you to get it out there, to reach the right people

You will be part of the FIXERS MOVEMENT! Fixes have no 'fixed' time - they take as long as they take to complete

We will support you for as long as you need to make your Fix as successful as possible

Get your friends, family and colleagues involved too, the more people you tell, the bigger and better your Fix will be

Remember you need to promote your Fix where you can - social media, the Fixers website and in your local area to really make it work Produce something where there is no clear plan at the start as to how the audience will be involved or benefit

Anything that attacks the beliefs or activities of other groups & individuals Or ... It usually involves a one day shoot with the Production team as well as your YPC

Your YPC will keep you updated and support you every step of the way

These films are made to show the positive work Fixers are doing and will not be the film you will use as your Fix ... small And then...
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