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No description

thibault Chaya

on 17 February 2016

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Transcript of ISIS

Islamic State of
Iraq and ash-Sham alias ISIS

How much territory does IS control ?
Where does IS get its money from ?
Websites, chat forums, online magazines
Tweeting, streaming, Instagramming exploits
IS active user of Social Media + aim to recruit
Magazine : Dabiq (July 2014) = global audience + different languages

IS' war on History- Destruction of cultural and religious heritage
2014 :
Blow up the ancient Assyrian church of Tikrit

Bomb the tomb of a Biblical prophet

Deface Syria's Armenian Genocide Memorial Church
August 2014 : American-led coalition
Hostage rescue attempt
Arming and training rebels by US and Saudi Arabia
Aerial surveillance & Multinational airstrikes

November 2015 : Paris Attack
More troops
More airstrikes
2015 :

Destroy this statue of the ancient king of Hatra

Destroy the city of Hatra itself

Bulldoze the Assyrian city of Nimrud
Brutal tactics
Directed by Abu Bakr el Baghdadi
Operations : Africa, Middle East, Asia...
Establish a Caliphate
Islamic law
Limited to Iraq & Syria ==> Break the borders : Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine...
8 million people= under partial/full IS control
Strict interpretation of Charia (veils, special tax, punishments...)
What are its origins ?
Iraq war (2003)
Abu Musab al-Zarqawi - Jordanian

2002 : Tawhid wa al-Jihad
= link Osama Ben Laden= AQ Iraq
Zarqawi's Death + creation of ISI
Weakened by = US troop
2010: Baghdadi leader
2013: attacks in Iraq + rebellion in Syria
Creation of ISIS + merger of the forces
Back to Iraq + control
2014 : Creation of IS
Media strategy : cyber jihad ?
Control of a territory = size of UK
Population over 10 million
Presence in Syria and Iraq
Control : industrial & commercial activities, natural resources...
Annual income : US$2.9 billion
IS not only a terrorist group = political and military organization + radical interpretation of Islam
Impose worldview
How many fighters does it have?
US estimations : 31 000 fighters
+ 12 000 foreigners = 81 countries
+ 2 700 : Western states
Where does IS get its money from ?
9 refineries in Syria/ 13 oilfields 2 refineries in Iraq
Oil dealers = discounted price : US$25/b
Cover own needs
Selling on the black market
Export to Jordan, Iran, Kurdistan and Turkey
Control 60% of Syria's oil production
+ 10% of Iraq's oil production
Oil transaction : 2 million/Day

Where does IS get its money from ?
Media strategy : cyber jihad ?
Twitter : 45,000 Twitter accounts
Youtube : 1 billion users + no need for proficiency
The Al-Hayat Media Center : produces video content
2014 = 11 releases (HD) in English
HD propaganda series "Mujatweets" = reality show
Iraqi Insurgency
Syrian Civil War
US Empowerment
Iraqi Armed Forces
Popular Forces
Kurdish Rebels
Turkmen Groups
Syrian Armed Forces
Popular Forces
(Free Syria Army militias)
Kurdish Rebels
Military Gains
66 Members :
=> NATO (all 28)
=> European Union
=> Gulf States
Conclusion:Possible Responses
Local :
Officials : raise citizens awareness
Education through school and medias

National :
Internet companies to restrict the access of terrorist websites
National cybercrime units & a process of public reporting of extremist content

International :
Work directly with religious leaders
Violence isn't the only solution
Strengthen current international law
Focus on the source of the issue

Terrorist organization 2.0
Territorial expansion
IS vs History
Occident & Orient = same war
Cyber War
Human rights abuse & war crime findings
Religious and minority group persecution

Child soldiers

Sexual violence and slavery

Attacks on members of the press

Mass executions

I- Presentation of the Islamic State : origins, territory, finance, communication....

II- Islamic State against History

III- Interventions to face IS : international, national, individual...

=> Individuals in Arab Gulf States
=> Self-financed organization
=> 5 primary sources of revenue :
Illicit proceeds
Material support
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