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Folk Culture vs. Popular Culture

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Michael Sheppard

on 17 November 2014

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Transcript of Folk Culture vs. Popular Culture

Folk Culture


Popular Culture
Folk Culture:
The expressive components of life as lived by tradition-bound groups.
Popular Culture:
Culture based on the tastes of ordinary people, rather than an educated elite.
Folk Literature
Popular Literature

The Percy Jackson series is an example of popular literature.

The Brothers Grimm Folk Tales are an example of folk literature.
Folk Sports

Popular Sports
Soccer is an example of a popular sport. It is the world's most popular sport, so it is part of popular culture.
Ullamaliztli, the Aztec ball game, is an example of a folk sport. Players had to get the ball through the hoop without using their hands. The losing team was sacrificed to the gods.
Folk Customs
Popular Customs
An example of a popular custom is shaking a person's hand when you first meet them as a sign of respect in the United States.
An example of a folk custom is that the Azores, a small tribe originating in Portugal, perform the Chamarrita dance at weddings. It is very unique and different from the norm, like all folk customs.
Folk Entertainment


Popular Entertainment
Social Media in the United States is an example of popular entertainment.
Folk dances in the Qiang Ethnic group are an example of folk entertainment. People in small folk groups often perform dances for entertainment.
Folk Music
Popular Music
An example of popular music is "Turn Down For What" by DJ Snake and Lil Jon. It is popular in the United States, therefore it is part of popular culture.
An example of folk music would be "Camel Caravan." It is an old and traditional song, and a small group of people know it.
Folk Clothing
Popular Clothing
An example of popular clothing would be designer brands, such as Polo and Ralph Lauren, found in the United States and Western Europe.
An example of folk clothing would be the traditional Kimono in Japan. Not many people still wear it, and the small group that do are very traditional.
Folk Cultural Landscape

Popular Cultural Landscape
An example of a popular cultural landscape would be many large buildings and skyscrapers, like in New York and Tokyo.
An example of folk cultural landscape would be a small village of tents or huts, like found in many countries in sub-Saharan Africa.
Folk Art
Popular Art
An example of popular art would be modern art, such as this piece, "Addagio."
An example of folk art would be religious paintings, such as this painting of Confucius. Like most folk art, no one knows the true artist, and few people see the painting itself.
Folk Food
Popular Food
An example of popular food would be cheeseburgers and french fries, as found at McDonald's. Other fast food is also popular food.
Folk foods are usually homemade meals using the environment around the civilization. An example would be the people of New Guinea making a wheat-like substance out of sago trees.
Folk Architecture
Popular Architecture
Folk Habits
Popular Habits
An example of a popular habit would be daily exercise as needed, because most popular cultures do not get enough exercise through regular daily living.
Folk Religion

Popular Religion
An example of popular religion would be widespread monotheistic religions, such as Christianity and Islam.
An example of folk religion would be strange religions such as Asatru, the faith that the vikings followed. Like all folk religions, it is not well known and few people practice it.
An example of a folk habit would be a farmer always making his rounds at 5:00 p.m. every day, no matter what everyone else does.
Popular architecture includes modern structures, like buildings, skyscrapers, and mansions. An example would be the Empire State Building in New York CIty.
An example of folk architecture would include vernacular architecture, a category of architecture based on local needs and materials, and it reflects local traditions. It tends to show the culture if the place that it is in, including environmental, economic, and social factors.
Camel Caravan
This is "Camel Caravan," a folk song performed by Ya Jammal
Michael Sheppard, Josh McIlrath, and Jacob Myers
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