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No description

Shannon Olson

on 9 June 2013

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Transcript of Nanotechnology

Nanotechnology Description • Nanotechnology is the understanding and control of matter on the nanoscale.

• Different physical, chemical, or biological properties of materials can appear on the nanoscale. Typical Day -Working in the lab
-Performing experiments
-Doing Research Working Conditions -Work indoors
-Work in laboratory
-Some computer simulations Highlights -Working on new and interesting problems

-Work on things that no one has worked on before

-Come up with new technologies Education -Associate's Degree
-Bachelor's Degree
-Master's Degree
-PhD Potential Places of Employment -Auto and Aerospace Industries
-Military and National Security
-Sporting Goods
-Medicine and pharmaceuticals
-Food (quality control and packaging)
i.e. Apple By Shannon Olson Hazards -Hazard of working in a laboratory with other chemicals Source: http://www.shafaaq.com/en/images/stories/2011/12/9110.jpg Source: http://www.ens-newswire.com/ens/apr2007/20070426_nanotech.jpg Source: http://media.glassdoor.com/m/ff/ae/40/a0/the-mitre-corporation-s-nanotechnology-lab.jpg Source: http://topnews.net.nz/data/nanotechnology1.jpg Expected Salary $35,000-$50,000
$75,000-$100,000 Sources: http://ace.mysdhc.org/33F76160-00757E5A.10/education_diploma.jpg
http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-CIg5oGBSdB4/USkptDtpj8I/AAAAAAAABZE/1bAFIcbZR8o/s1600/money.jpg Sources National Nanotechnology Infrastructure Network: nnin.org

UW Department of Chemistry: chem.wisc.edu

Bureau of Labor Statistics: bls.gov Future Job Outlook 4% growth (Materials Science) Source: http://www.innovation.ca/sites/innovation.ca.lab.ahundredanswers.com/files/Impact/640_x_358_resized-istock-000001810798small1.jpg Personal Characteristics -Willing to experiment and try new things
-Able to think "outside the box"
-Good problem solving skills Source: http://www.agriculture.purdue.edu/usda/careers/web_photos/nanotechnologist.jpg More Information National Nanotechnology Initiative: nano.gov

National Nanotechnology Infrastructure Network: nnin.org Am I Interested? I think nanotechnology is interesting, and I may be interested in having a career in it. Source: http://nanogloss.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/04/An-Overview-on-Nanotechnology-Materials-300x225.jpg Additional Information Smart Fabrics: Military
-Screen printing sensors on waistband
-Monitors biomarkers in the sweat
-Can potentially diagnose and treat a soldier in the field Source: http://www.jacobsschool.ucsd.edu/news/news_releases/release.sfe?id=958
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