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Lucid Dreaming

What is lucid dreaming? What does it mean and how does it connect to our lives.

Alec Persch

on 11 March 2011

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Transcript of Lucid Dreaming

Lucid Dreaming By Alec Persch Lucid Dreaming Why? Fascinating Learn new topics What causes them? Can i control them? Easy as 1-2-3 Why do we have dreams? How do dreams work? How can i have a lucid Dream? What can we do with lucid dreams? R
M apid ye ovement Dreams are caused by rapid
eye movement. It keeps the mind
in an active state to simulate dreams. REM? What is Lucid Dreaming? "Dreams feel real while we're in them. Its
only when we wake up that we realize
something was actually strange." (Inception) But is it true? Signs Impossible happenings.
Digital Clocks.
Weird things.

When the dreamer realizes that he or she is in a dream How can scientists read your mind? You brain uses various frequencies of sound and electricity to communicate. They are also called brainwaves. How can I have a Lucid dream? Two Necessities Motivation Effort An easy exercise Dream recall. Open up a dream journal! Draw pictures if you have to. Write as soon
as you wake up. 4 Different Methods WILD DILD MILD Wake-Indicated Lucid Dream Dream-Indicated Lucid Dream Mind-Indicated Lucid Dream Occurs when waking from REM sleep. Keep the Mind focused, let the body sleep. Be aware of Sleep Paralysis Machines Dream aid machines. Uses sound and light to help induce dreams at night. Produces certain sound waves to slow down (or speed up) certain brainwaves to a specific point. Hardest out of the three methods, but the most successful Let the dreamer wait untill the dream to make it lucid. Easiest of the three methods Make a habit. Some examlples.
Pinch yourself.
Digital clocks.
Counting fingers.
Reading clocks twice. What can I do with lucid Dreaming? Reality testing. Nightmares? Lucid dreaming is a great
way to help cope with nightmares. Practice in your dreams. When becoming lucid, it is possible to practice real-life problems wihin your dreams. "If you like the results [in the dream], you will find it easier to do the same while awake." Stephen LaBerge. New job interview or presentation?
Worried about a test or your own self
confidence? How to keep a lucid dream going. Signs of a dream ending. Fading.
Dreamscape changing.
Drowsiness inside a dream.
Anything! Tips to help keep the dream in motion. Spinning on the spot.
Do something impossible.
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